Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tuesday Musings

It is almost too early in the day to blog, I think, as nothing has happened yet! Isn't that the way? Be sure to check the Brain Blog, as I have updated that with the results of Anne's appt at physical therapy. I would tell you all about it here, but that would be repeating, and that is one of the reasons we have the blogs, right?!!

An update on the swan killer. It has been identified as a bobcat by zoo officials. It really was in our area, on down (up?) the street. Not too close, but more than close enough, right? Here is a link to the report in the newspaper, if you are interested! Bobcat story

Wow, something new, putting in a link that way. I hope it works!

We had a good bit of rain this morning. I guess it is about time, and it is welcome in the area, as we haven't had much rain in a good while. I think it would have been time to put the sprinkler system back on had it not been for this rain. I think there is a chance of more as the day progresses.

Anne and I will have to do some checking and see about some Christmas decorations for the blogs! Jo seems to have thrown down the gauntlet in a big way!!!! Do be sure to see all her blogs, for the cute decorations!

Editted to include: Well, I did get the link in, with a little bit of help from Anne! She also changed the color for me, as it was a very pale color that barely showed!

Monday, November 28, 2005


Oh my goodness! Here I was on the computer, checking up on all the blogs, and Anne calls from the family room! "We are on TV!!!!!!!!!!!" I went rushing out, and they were reporting from Viera---Anne didn't hear any further specification of where in Viera. A swan was killed by an as-yet-not-officially-identified large cat. Someone evidently had a video camera handy, and so there was film of the dead swan lying on the grass (it wasn't an icky photo, just looked like a big pile of white feathers) and film of the cat, which went and sat under a nearby tree after killing the swan. The area looked very much like our area, and we have a good number of swans in our neighborhood lakes. Anne and I both thought the cat looked like a bobcat, and one guy they talked to on the TV thought so too. Needless to say, we will be checking for more information on this, and are very glad that our kitties are totally indoor critters! Sure would hate to have them munched by a big cat.

Meanwhile.... It is 78 or 79 degrees out, depending on which source you check! In either case, it is really nice out. It is partly to mostly cloudy, and there is a chance of rain later in the day. It is amazing how much nicer this tempurature feels here than it would have in OH.

I have enjoyed all the blog updates, and I really like Jo's Christmas decorations on her "Floats, Knits and Purls" blog! Anne and I plan to look for some fun things to add to blogs too! I noticed that Mike finally blogged again, hurrah! I am not sure what the gray bird at the top is, but the one lower down is an ibis, unless I didn't see it properly!

Anne goes for pt this afternoon, I am sure they will be able to do a lot for her! I will try to blog again later, or early tomorrow!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

What a Lazy Day!

Well, it was very quiet here all day. The weather continues nice. It was sunny and warm, and we aren't expecting any rain till early next week. I guess it will be about time for some rain, we haven't had any in ages.

Mike has been having fun on the computer. He bought a game that he had been playing on the computer (I think there was a place you could download it and try it???) He liked it well enough to go ahead and buy it. (He brought it home on Wednesday---they got off work early!) He also did a good bit of reading, watched some football, etc.

I got through a good bit of the junk mail that has been sitting on the nook table. I also got the checkbook balanced and paid some bills. It is always nice to have a quiet day to do that kind of thing, and not feel rushed! Then I actually had time to finally transfer names and addresses from my old address book to my new one! I have more on the computer that I need to print out and put in it too. I always try--at the very least--to copy and paste new addresses, phone numbers, etc, onto a list I keep on the computer, even if I don't get them in an address book right away. So, I have a huge master list on the computer! It is time to get it printed out anyway so I can try to get a start on Christmas cards!

The rest of the day I found nice, lazy things to do, and just enjoyed a day of not having to do anything! Hurrah!

Anne continues to improve slowly. She still has pain in her nose from the surgery, but she says that the baby elephant that has seemed to be sitting on her nose feels like he is shrinking! That has to be good! She is still sleeping a lot, but I think that is still good for her too. She has been through a lot. She is walking a little bit better, and walking faster, which is really good. I think she will respond well to the physical therapy.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Well, it has been a good day. The weather was lovely. That was a really good thing, as the paper person left the newspaper under Mike's car. Not just a little bit under, this was seriously under. As far back as the rear tires, and about the middle of the distance between the tires. The only way for me to get it would be to crawl under the car or move the car. Since I had dinner to fix, and I was only getting the paper for 5 minutes of reading before working on the jello, I decided it could wait! I could have gotten Mike, of course, but there was no rush and I knew that there was a good chance he would want it before I had time to think about it again!

I think I have fine-tuned the holiday meal preparation to the max. Everything worked out well, the timing was good, and there was no last minute rush to try to finish something while everything else got cold. The only close call was the gravy. I got a small turkey this year, it was 8.88 pounds, and I forgot that they come with a gravy packet. I used it, as it makes a nice gravy, but this time it just didn't really care to thicken as much as usual. Still, it thickened enough and was really good. I made the mashed potatoes ahead of time, and that worked out really well. I have seen a variety of ways of doing that and keeping them hot, and so decided to give one a try. I mashed and finished up the potatoes, then put them in a double boiler. I added a place mat to the top for added insulation, put the burner on low heat, and voila! Hot potatoes at dinner time and no last minute mashing going on!!!!!

We had a quiet day, but a good one. We are very thankful to have Anne home, recovering from her surgery, and a good prognosis. It sure could have been a different story, and we are very much aware of that.

I talked to Brian on IM today and that was great too! I saw a few photos of Michelle on the baby cam, and that was also wonderful! It really has been a good day all around.

I did end up wanting the newspaper before Mike did, so I moved his car, picked up the newspaper, and returned his car to it's usual spot! The things we have to do sometimes! It was interesting to look at the ads, and see the things that the crazy people will be shopping for tomorrow (sorry to those of you who will be going!). I can't say I saw anything I wanted badly enough to get up at the crack of dawn for, let lone dealing with the masses of people. I did "the big day after Thanksgiving sales" once for grins with Aussie friends, and once was more than enough! I think I bought 2 things, and they filled my car to the brim! You can tell I am not much of a shopper, eh? It is a fun memory though, and I won't ever forget that long day of shopping with Sandie and Natalie!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Mitchie the Pooh!!!!!!!

As promised long ago, here is the only photo we have so far of Michelle in her Winnie the Pooh costume! Anne crocheted the hat, which is adorable! I knit the top and pants. You can't really see it in the photo (unless perhaps clicking will make it big enough to see) but the "red shirt" actually has rolled edges, so it looks like a separate shirt. Michelle is still a sweet and slender baby, not nearly as big as she looks in the photo. However, Anne and I agreed that it was just as well that the top's knitting pattern gauge was off. It is so big, it makes her look more bulky, and thus, more Pooh-like!

Anyway, we think she is just totally adorable, and can hardly wait till they are back in the States! Anne (Tia) can hardly wait to see her little niece!!!!!!

All is fine here. Anne slowly mends, the emphasis on slowly. She slept most of the day yesterday. I think she really needed it. We have been careful and slow about things, but I still wonder if she managed to do too much this past week, and has exhausted herself.

Our warm weather is back, after a very brief cooling spell from that cold front. I am glad we didn't have the "below zero" temps they got in the Dakotas from it!!! We are nicely back in the 70's and it is really pleasant out. We had a good hard rain earlier today, but it didn't last long and the sun is back out. I guess most have an eye out for Gamma now, who looks like she/he will do a repeat of what Wilma did. Gamma is much weaker, thank goodness! We came through Wilma just fine, but we won't mind if Gamma is even less of a problem.

Those interested are welcome to check out my new "craft" blog, Quilts and Blankeys! The link is at the side bar, just above Mike's blog link!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

What a Difference a Day Makes...

....when a cold front comes through! It is 65 degrees outside!!!! Granted, it is almost midnight, but that hasn't stopped it from being in the 70's before! I am not really complaining, but I guess it is an indication of getting more used to the nice warm weather here, that I even notice??????

Today was a nice day, as my Uncle Harold and Aunt Jolene stopped by for a visit! They were en route from Tampa (seeing my other uncle and aunt) to Jacksonville (home of my cousin, Uncle Harold's son). They hadn't planned on staying long, since they knew about Anne's surgery and recovery. However, we had a good visit, got pretty well caught up on things, etc. I truly do not know where the years go, as it has probably been a good 20 years since I saw them last, but it sure doesn't seem that long. How could that be????? I am sure we will manage a longer visit next time they are in Florida! It was really good to see them!!!!!!

The weather was cloudy and cooler than usual when they arrived at 11.30 or so. By mid-afternoon, it was noticeably cooler out. Hence the current temp of 65. It won't last long though, we hope! It is to get to 75 tomorrow, so it doesn't sound like that cold front is going to have too much of an affect on us, thank goodness!

Anne and I made a quick trip to Target this afternoon. They have wheelchairs there, so we did actually stay and shop and Anne got to ride around the store. We got a little bit of shopping done, which is good. I keep forgetting that the holidays are stealthily approaching, trying to take me totally unawares!

Anne told me that she had already put the photo of Michelle in her Pooh costume into Photobucket, and thanks to Jo for info on another way to put photos in. I was going to use the photobucket route, since I know how to do that! I will blog and put the photo in tomorrow!!!!!!! She is so cute, you will just love it!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


For a brief weather update: it is 10.21 a.m., and when I checked Mike's blog just a minute ago, the temp in Melbourne was 77 degrees. Not to gloat or anything. What struck me funny is I think that is the same temperature as last time I did that! Funny how those things work. I think it is cloudy out, or at least partly cloudy? I haven't been outside, and haven't really looked hard out the window. It is supposed to get up to 83 today, I think. There is a huge cold front that I guess most of you already know about, that is supposed to bring us some cooler temps later in the week. So far, they are saying lows in the 50's and highs in the 70's. I hope that doesn't change too much!

Sadly, I had a call from Becky this morning saying she definitely could not come. She is in Tampa with husband Tom and the kids, and staying with his folks while Tom is working. She had emailed yesterday to propose a day trip over to see us! Sadly, Maddie evidently met up with a bug and has not been able to fight it off. This morning she is running a fever and has a rash. We are disappointed, but as Becky says, they will be down again sometime and things might work out.

Elmer, our neighbor, knocked on the door this morning, and handed me several pieces of our mail that were delivered to him. I think we have a substitute mailman again. That is usually when this kind of thing happens---our usual gal is really good.

I think I have managed a new skill in computer-dom! I sent an attachment in an email! That may sound minor to most of you, but it is my first solo attempt and I think it actually worked! I sent the family the photo Brian sent of Michelle in her Pooh Bear costume that Anne and I made. I guess my next step is to get the photo onto our photobucket account, which I just realized I had pretty much forgotten all about, and then I can put it in the blog!

Now that we are home so much and Anne is having so much down time, resting, being at home, knitting, etc, I hope to finally get my knitting and quilting blog finished up and accessible. Speaking of which, I finished Anne's dishcloth last evening! It looks really great---the pattern! I am not bragging about my knitting, although that isn't bad either--haha.

Monday, November 14, 2005

This is What I Love!

Okay, just a quick message.... I just checked Mike's blog, which has not been updated in a while. But, I saw the little weather window he has on his blog, and I just love what I saw. It is after midnight, it is the middle of November (!!!!!!)and it is still 74 degrees outside!!!!!!! Wow! Of course, it is to get cooler as the week progresses, as there is a cold front headed our way. On the plus side, the cold front is to lose most of its oomph before it gets here! Hurrah!

I will go ahead and let you know, as a little teaser, that Brian sent me an email on my new gmail account------------one of the online quilt activities I have enjoyed in the past is the Quilt Mall Crawl, and they are no longer sending messages, etc, to people with an AOL or Compuserve email address, as the email often doesn't get through because of the spam filters. I have to wonder a bit, as I sure haven't had any trouble getting the emails from the FabShopHop, but okay. So, Anne sent me an invite to open a gmail account, and I have been happily finding the hidden quilt blocks and enjoying a peek at what so many of the online quilt shops have to offer... Now after a long digression.....Brian sent me an email on my new gmail account, and included the best photo that they have so far managed to get of our baby in her Pooh Bear costume!!!!!!!!! And in this, she blinked. But, she looks so cute, and really, if you didn't know she was caught blinking, you would think she had dozed off and was having a little nap! And, because the costume is big, which I expected, although I didn't expect it to be as big as it is....because it is big, it even more gives the appearance of a little Pooh Bear! Our little Squishy Pooh! She looks soooooooo cute! It is too late tonight to try to deal with it, but will get it put on the blog soon, so you all can see our adorable little baby!

Sunday, November 13, 2005


It has come to my attention that I never updated info on things like my car and its repairs, the roof, etc. I thought I had talked about that, or at least the car, but I see that I didn't on this blog. Perhaps I mentioned it on the brain blog?????

Anyway, thought I would go ahead and add a few lines here too!

I got my car back on Thursday! I had called on Wednesday from the hospital, when they were making sounds like they would let Anne go. Since we were that far south already and so much closer to the auto place, thought I would go ahead and check. It wasn't ready yet, but he thought it would be ready on Thursday morning. So, since Anne and I were at home on Thursday and not in any rush, I didn't worry about it. Mike called me to ask about it and to let me know that he needed to drop his friend Dewey off at the Harley place on the way home that afternoon. So, early afternoon I called the auto place and they said my car would be ready at 4. I let Mike know and we planned that we would meet at the auto rental place at 4, I would get that car turned in and he would drive me on down to the auto shop. It all worked out perfectly, except that Anne didn't come with me. We had planned to make a quick trip to the base, Anne and I, to pay insurance, etc, but we got just a little way down the road and she felt so sick, she got me to turn around and go back home. So, since she was feeling better later, I left her (with telephone at hand and phone numbers) and made the trips for cars, etc. Since Mike was going on home from the auto place, I got my car and made the trip to the base. I am really happy to have my car back!!!!!!

Now, as to the roof. I talked to the roofing guy on Wednesday, I guess it was. All the bits sound okay, and it sure sounds like he is definitely not trying to skin us. He said he would be up this way later in the week and would drop off the written estimate. It hasn't been here yet, and I am guessing that his plans changed. If it doesn't arrive by mid week, I will call and ask about it. I am sure we will go ahead and get him to do the work, I was pleased with the way he handled things, etc.

We had a little bit of rain this morning, although I don't know if it was enough to register in the rain gauge? Not much else going on. I did talk to Brian on the phone on Friday. He sounds really good. They are doing well. Michelle is a good baby, and has continued to be quite an eater. He said they went to Pizza Hut the other night, and Michelle kindly drank a 6 oz bottle, finished it by the time their pizza came, and dozed while they ate. What a sweet baby! Not too much else from there. They are very anxious to return to the States. I know that once they are back here, they will miss a lot of things from Germany, but I do know that it is hard to be away too long. I know they are ready to be back in the States and close enough to see family again!

Saturday, November 12, 2005


It seems like almost all I have done since Anne came home is read and do laundry. That is an exaggeration, but not by a whole lot! I have finished more books in the time she was in the hospital and since she got out than I had in the past couple of months(I think???????), since I had only (mostly) been reading for a little bit at night. Mostly because it didn't seem right, while there are still boxes to unpack, things to do, etc!

Today I concentrated on getting through the huge backlog of newspapers! I sorted them out, bagged (for recycling) the bits that I didn't care to bother reading (classifieds, front sections, sports!) and just held out the important bits --- the sections with the funnies, Dear Abby, the Help! column, etc, and the specialty bits. I have gotten through Friday the 4th (I started with Monday, the 31st, Halloween!). I still have a decent sized pile to get through, but I think it will go okay!

Most of my plans for things to do while sitting with Anne in the hospital didn't happen. Isn't that the way? I didn't get the quilting bits ready that I had hoped to. I probably didn't have the patience to deal with them at the hospital anyway. I did take knitting---the dishcloth that Anne had started in OH. I have that more than half done. It took a good bit of concentration, as the main body of it consisted of 4 repeating rows, two of which were alternating patterns, that especially required concentration. Once Anne was on the 7th floor and out of the ICU, I found it too hard to work on, as it was tedious trying to figure out what I was supposed to be doing, any time I had stopped to get her something, talk to a doc or nurse, etc. I did read, do crossword puzzles (some of those my folks sent from their newspaper in CA!!---thank you!), etc. Now that we are home, I hope to get some of the things done that I didn't get done before, like those little quilting projects, etc!

The kitties are glad to have us home! They really did wonder what was going on before--Mike and I would come home for the night, leave early in the morning, and just plain weren't around for petting, giving out kitty treats, etc. And that other person was totally missing. Just what was the story???? But, happily, all their people are home again, Anne is available for snuggling next to at night, and all is well in their kitty worlds! Hurrah!

I can not believe it is less than 2 weeks till Thanksgiving, and that Christmas is so close. It just can't be possible! But I guess it really is. At least the number of doc visits will be reduced, and with Anne still in recovery mode, we will be spending more time at home and less time running around--appts, errands, etc. The plus to that is that I will actually have time to try to get things done, and might actually get some more boxes unpacked, get the garage in order, and some things stored out there, etc---generally get the house in better order. I might actually be with it enough this year to decorate for the holidays! Hurrah!!!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Well, the roof guy came on Tuesday and instead of an estimate in the mailbox, he left his business card and asked me to call. I wasn't sure if that was good news or bad news!

I called him back yesterday afternoon, once Anne and I were home from the hospital and we had settled in a little. It actually isn't bad. He just wanted to be able to go over it all with me, rather than just leave the info on paper, since he knew Anne was in the hospital, etc. I thought that was very thoughtful of him!!!!!

There is a leak in the ridge vents, so he would replace those. There is also a place near the other spot we have evidence of a leak, that is somehow exposed---he could actually see wood, as there is a gap between the shingles and the soffit in the back. He has a good plan for taking care of that, too. The price sounds very reasonable and I think we will let them do the work. We have had really good luck, I think, with getting referrals for repair work. Thank goodness, as it is always so hard to figure out who to get when you are somewhere new.

Still no word on my car, although when I called yesterday they thought it would be ready today. I guess we will see.

Mike is off tomorrow for Veteran's Day. I know he will be glad to have a long weekend, since last weekend was not at all relaxing and didn't even seem like a weekend. It was really hard for him to go back to work on Monday, while Anne was still in the hospital. I think he is a good bit more relaxed now, and will actually be able to enjoy his time off!

On the weather front, it has been lovely! Low 80's and high 70's, I think, here nearer to the coast, a light breeze, lots of sun, etc. We haven't had rain in a while, which has been nice. I guess I should say, no rain in a while, but not so long that we have had to put the sprinklers back on yet. It makes it so hard to remember that the holidays are so close, when the weather is so nice! Thanksgiving in just two weeks, unbelievable!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Well, it has been a while since I have visited this blog, and updated. So much has happened, but most of it is chronicalled in the Brain Blog, so you can go there to read it if you haven't already!

I got my car turned in yesterday and picked up the rental. It is a little car again, I prefer that! I sure don't want anything bigger than my Accord. It is always "fun" figuring out how to work everything, where things are, etc. This one has a really strange way of putting it in gear, into park, etc. I finally really totally figured it out last night. Good thing I hadn't driven it much, and used the valet parking at the hospital so didn't have to deal with it there. My car should be fixed in a couple--three days, so I will have it back soon, and can get this one returned.

I feel much more rested up today, after dozing in my chair so much last evening. I am sure a good bit of it is also relief that Anne will be home soon. I think that does provide a bit of release!

The roof guy is to come this morning, in less than 30 minutes, so I guess I had best go get my hair dryed before he gets here! Maybe I can run the vacuum in the family room too! It would be good to get that done before Anne comes home, and if she comes home today, this will be my last chance to do it today. I don't think she will be up to having me do it while she lies there on the sofa or in Mike's chair!

Brian now knows where he will be going after he comes home. I am not going to say yet, not sure if he wants to talk about it much, and sure don't want to jinx him---as anyone involved with the military knows, even printed orders are not written in stone, and can change even after you have left for your new duty station. The needs of the A. F., etc!!!! Still, we will be hopeful, and I am sure he will either blog or will tell me to go ahead and blog about it.

I have to go, my hair will get funny and I won't be done if the roof guy comes early. More later, and all that!

Thursday, November 03, 2005


What a day, and it isn't over yet. I hope Mike is taking a little nap, while I am blogging, calling, etc. I am sure he didn't get much sleep last night.

Anne is doing well, thank goodness! It is such a relief that she is out of surgery and doing well!

I talked to Christine first when we got home and I started with a couple of phone calls-----it was already after 8.30 there, and I didn't want to call late and wake her. Brian is gone TDY, will be back tomorrow. I hadn't caught where he was going, I had just had a quick email from him the morning he left, saying he was going! I asked Christine, and can you imagine, he is in Lithuania!!!!! He sure is getting to see the world! He can't complain that he never gets to go anywhere! Christine will be glad to have him home, she says Michelle seems to know that he is gone, and is extra fussy.

I am going, it will be time to leave for the next session of visiting hours. We might just stay and kill time at the hospital till the last session, and then come home. I guess we will see how things go. Take care and more later.....

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Moving Along......

Well, the stucco guy did come yesterday! I thought I noticed gray areas on the chimney when I came home yesterday, but only caught a glimpse while driving down the street, towards the house, so wasn't sure. Mike took a look when he got home from work, but didn't go far enough back and so didn't see it. He didn't think the stucco man had come. I got a call today, asking how we liked the job???? Oh!!! When I got home I walked along the side of the house and looked at it, it looks like he did a really good job. One worry out of the way! He did mention that some of the roof looks the worse for wear, so just as well that I did call the roofing people he recommended. They are to come next Monday, so we will see what is what with that.

I got up early today and got some things done. I told Anne when she got up that it has been weeks since I have just gotten up in the morning and spent some time in my chair, watching TV and drinking coffee. I miss those days, but I guess I will get some of that again next week and the coming weeks, when Anne is recovering from her surgery. I got through a pile of junk mail on the table, sorted out things that need to be taken care of, paid some bills, etc---all those things that need to be done, and are best done now before I get distracted with Anne in the hospital. I made a good dent, got some of the pile of "things to be shredded" taken care of, etc! A good, productive day!

Anne and I ran some errands---had to go to the hospital for her lab work, etc. I will tell about that in the brain blog! If I don't, I won't have much of anything to write in that!

I feel like things are moving along, and I am almost well organized. I much prefer that to being disorganized. I found Anne a tin she can use for storing buttons. She has made some lovely baby sweaters (she has a number of friends who have had babies, etc), and bought buttons for them. Also buttons for some sweaters that she is planning to make. Between all those buttons, and a couple packets of buttons she bought at Michaels, she has plenty and really needed someplace to store them so they will be easy to find! The packet has tons of neat buttons, odds and ends, for crafts, etc, but a number of matches in varying numbers, so they can be used for some of her knitting projects. I think she is sorting through right now to see what she has!

Well, tomorrow will be a fun day, as much as possible. I think we are going to go see the new Zorro movie, which Anne has been wanting to see. It should provide a nice distraction! Take care and more tomorrow........