Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Is it Fall Yet?

I see I have been slack and have totally skipped a week.

Our weather continues warm but we are to have a cold front come through tomorrow, I think it is? It will take our highs from high 80s/low 90s, to mid 80s. Also lower humidity, so it should be nice!

I got my hair trimmed on Friday--a long over due chore. I luckily found a new gal, who did a nice job and respected my request not to use scented stuff. We figured out that my hair was unhappy with the chlorine it is exposed to when I swim. Worked out a routine to take care of that and it is working well. I could tell a difference after the first time I tried it and it is even better after the second time. It was as easy as wetting my hair with tap water before getting in the pool, and giving it a rinse with water and vinegar before washing my hair after swimming.

I am really hoping to get it together this fall! The nice weather always manages to trick me into forgetting that Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. You would think that the Halloween candy in the stores, and the Christmas stuff out already would be clue enough, but somehow my brain still ignores that in favor of listening to the weather.

On the handcraft front....I finished spinning up the mint julep batts. I started plying the two bobbins from that last batt last week, and finished it on Sunday. It almost totally filled the bobbin. I still have to get it wound off onto the niddy noddy and washed. Then there is the rest of the singles on the first two bobbins that still need to be plied. I think I will get a pretty good amount of yardage out of this. This is that almost full bobbin....


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