Friday, August 28, 2009

The Week in Review

Ha! It was actually a pretty slow week, with not much to report.

The shuttle still hasn't been launched yet, but they are planning to try again tonight. I hope they have the valve problem sorted out in time, and that the shuttle can actually get on its way tonight.

We continue with nice hot weather! I have noticed in blogs of bloggers to the north, that they are talking about cooler temperatures and fall in the air already. We are still in summer, and so is most of Texas, it seems. I sure prefer our weather.

The grapefruit on the tree in the back are getting bigger. They are quite easy to see from in the house. It looks like there will be a good crop of them again this year!

I still haven't cast on any knitting but am getting closer to doing it--hahah.

I have been spinning and am enjoying it a lot. I finished another strip of the mint julep batts yesterday and hope to get part of another strip at least started today.

I realized I haven't yet put up a pic of the cute little sample size niddy noddy I got from The Spinning Loft. It is a nice piece of workmanship and is just cute as the dickens! And the wee little skein it makes is just too cute. So, here is a photo of the niddy noddy, a little skein made from some baby yarn I had in my knitting bag (I demonstrated the use of the niddy noddy for the knitting gals), and a pen to provide some sort of frame of reference as to size. I couldn't find a ruler for the life of me. Oh well.....


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