Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Shuttle Launch Scrubbed Again

The weather sure hasn't been cooperating with NASA. We had our "daily thunderstorm" earlier in the afternoon/evening yesterday so things were looking good, but Cape Canaveral had another storm to the north that was moving away but not fast enough. I always feel sorry for people who come from all around the country to see a launch.

I finished up the first 2 ounce bobbin of the amethyst merino yesterday! Today I hope to get it off the wheel, clean and oil the wheel, and start the second 2 ounces. I have been enjoying spinning this wool, but will also be glad to be done with it, as other fibers are calling to me to be spun too--lol.

Things continue much as usual in our little part of Florida. I will be glad when we move past this late afternoon storm session--I know it isn't just a given for this area, at least not as an every day thing.


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