Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Have to Root for the Colts

So last evening I was busy knitting, while Monday Night Football was on the TV. The Colts and Tennessee were playing. And I heard the announcer say the name Pierre Garcon. I thought, it couldn't be, could it? But really how many people have that name? I told Mike and since he was logged onto his computer, he did a quick check. And it is "our" Pierre Garcon. Of Mount Union football fame. How did we miss hearing about it?

How cool is that, for one of our Mount Union football players to get drafted by a professional football team! I was so thrilled, I watched the whole game. Sadly, the Colts lost. Garcon did well though. Wow!!!! I am still amazed, and pleased!

Meanwhile, we have had a cold front go through and it is a real one---it is rather chilly. The last cold front gave us highs in the high 70's, which isn't really much of a cold front--lol. This morning we were in the 40's and aren't expected to get out of the 60's today. It is to hang on for a few days before we get back to our usual warmer Oct/Nov weather.

I have been working on boxes---again, finally. I am making some progress, thank goodness.

Mike is keeping busy with work. We are both fine......


At 8:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pierre has been with the Colts for more than 6 months. From being drafted to making the team the news coverage has been extensive throughout northeastern Ohio. Thanks for your support.

At 4:40 PM, Blogger Sally said...

Anon--I am in Florida, so I missed all the OH news coverage. I was thrilled to see Pierre on TV, and I hope he has a great football career. Thanks for your comment.


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