Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fay--Day 3

Take it as a given that things look pretty much the same outside--wind, rain, flood water, .....

The rain has been a bit lighter, in general, and the flood water is slowly receding. Thank goodness!

The news last night reported that Viera had officially had 18.45 inches of rain. I don't think we have had that much here, but it is hard to say--the little rain gauge really isn't all that accurate.

The pool is holding its own now, after my prolonged draining session yesterday afternoon. I checked it last night and Mike took a look this morning, and it is in no danger of overflowing.

I am more than tired of clouds, rain, flooded street, etc. It will be unbelievably good to get back to normal, whenever that happens.

Mike is still home from work. There are areas that are much more flooded than we are, some places with standing water measured in feet, not inches. We are really glad that the base has been so sensible about the work situation.

Check back for more videos---I am sure Mike will think of something else soon!


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