Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Disney Birthday Weekend

What a weekend! We left the house as usual for a Disney day on Saturday morning, with the addition of a little bit of luggage.

We decided that Saturday would be an Epcot day and Sunday would be the Magic Kingdom (called MK from now on!). We had a good drive over and got a parking spot right at the near end of a row---always a nice bonus.

We were happy to find that the Japanese candy lady was working on Saturday. We had only seen her once before, the Monday we flew back from Richmond. We were there waiting when she arrived at her stand, and even though many others quickly showed up, she asked us what we would like her to make, first off! We decided on a flamingo, and in short order we had a candy flamingo on a stick. Our flamingo is now sitting in the china cabinet in my vase.

We decided it would be a good day to try out the Japanese restaurant,so we went up to check on the availability of reservations. The gal said they were booked up for dinner, but we could stop by later as walk ins, or that they could seat us for lunch (it was almost 1.30). We decided to do lunch there, and it worked out great. They actually have two parts to the restaurant, the steak house, where they do the cooking in front of you, on the very hot surface, and the other part is a sushi restaurant. You probably know which we chose--hahah.

It was all very nice. We had 6 other people with us at the table, two of them teenage girls who appeared to be without parents---I found that interesting! They were very quiet, so it wasn't any problem. Just "different". Our chef was really good, and although Japanese, was from Jacksonville! Mike had steak and I had chicken, and it was all delicious.

We really had a nice visit at Epcot. We left about 2.40 or so to go get checked in at Shades of Green. The resort is really nice---very fancy and well done. We got checked in and went to see our room, which was really nice. After a short rest we headed back to Epcot. We took the SOG bus, and that worked out really well. It dropped us off at the MK transportation and ticket center, and it was just a short walk from there to catch the monorail to Epcot.

We had to deal with some rain in the late afternoon, but it wasn't a downpour, and didn't last too dreadfully long. We stayed at Epcot till closing time and finally got to see the fireworks and laser show there. It was really great!

I will post later about our day at MK on Sunday!


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