Thursday, May 08, 2008

Plodding Along

I have talked to Anne a few times since last time I posted. They are making good progress on getting settled in. Many of the rooms are set up the way they want them, and I know that has to give them a real sense of accomplishment. It is always nice to get things settled and the boxes out of the house.

They continue to find that things are different in Texas. Even getting a new drivers license is different. I am sure it will all come together for them though!

After saying that I didn't think there were any blooms on the gardenia, I looked out the window the other day and could see three blooms! So, I didn't have to risk going back there to check. I think the jasmine is still in bloom too, so I keep my distance.

We have clouds today, although I don't think there is supposed to be much of a chance of rain today. We are quickly approaching the 90's. Melbourne already had a 90 degree day, back in March, but Orlando just recently had their first one of the year. They are predicting a pretty warm weekend, with highs of 93.

I know, those of you in TX, you all have had plenty of 90+ degree days already and it looks like you have more this week!

I went to knitting group yesterday and we had 8-9 of us there. Really was a surprise after just 4 of us last week.


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