Monday, April 21, 2008


Two sandhill cranes just flew past the dining room window, both making some kind of loud crane call! Just last week, I saw three cranes fly past as I sat at the computer. Oh! One just flew the other direction, from this side of the street to the other side, back behind this first row of houses. We have seen cranes flying before, but not all that often, and I'm not sure I have ever seen them flying around from the house before. It is definitely interesting seeing them fly, they are so big!

We are back to warm weather after the unseasonable cold front we had last week. We can't complain, that cold front had brought really cold temperatures and snow to other areas. Still, it is nice to be back where we are supposed to be, weather wise--haha.

Yesterday evening, as we drove up A1A on the island, we saw a large group of pelicans, flying around in a circle. It was really interesting. We very much wondered just what was up with that! I am sure I have never seen that many pelicans flying together before.

There are a lot of buds on the magnolia tree now, none have opened up yet. The blooms are always so pretty, when they do get around to opening!

As you can tell, I don't really have any news.....more later!


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