Friday, February 08, 2008

Another Week Almost Gone

Wow, time is moving at warp speed lately, or so it seems to me! We are almost down to one week till the big day. I am not sure where the time has gone.

The guest room looks more like one now--there is a bed in there! The new bed arrived on Wednesday, and I finished my work on the room yesterday. Mike and I got the bed put together last night, it was easier than we expected. It looks nice and comfy!

We have rain and cooler temperatures today. Quite a change from yesterday. We had a lot of sun yesterday and set a new record high of 88 degrees. I promise you all, it sure didn't feel that hot when I was outside, so I was really surprised to hear that was the high temp. The forecast for the next ten days has us staying in the 70's. That could change, but whether 70's or 80's, it should be nice weather when everyone is here. There isn't too much rain in the forecast, so that will be good.

The shuttle went off as scheduled yesterday. I was running errands to the south and forgot about the launch till I heard about it on the radio. I did get to see the trail left behind, but that was it. Oh well. I still love seeing it, even though we have seen a number of launches (from home) by now.

Well, I am out of news, so I will get moving on the errands I have to run today--haha. Take care all, and see most of you soon!


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