Wednesday, November 14, 2007


So many memories...

Sitting in a waiting room at the hospital with Mary, while our Grandma Brady went upstairs to see Mom and Baby Kathleen.

The so-very-cute little girl, with dark brown hair and pretty blue eyes.

Always bright and inquisitive.

Kath taking tap dancing lessons, and tapping around all over the house.

Writing stories, even in the days before she found she really did like to read.

Long hair, so long she sat on it.

The Parkay/Butter commercial, done in German, for a skit at school.

A very generous spirit---too generous at times, always willing to help others with school work, etc, at the expense of getting her own work done, sometimes.

Playing chess.

Her wedding day, Kathleen in her beautiful gown, looking very lovely. I am so glad we were able to be there.

Her husband, Jon, and their three beautiful children, Kaeleigh, Ru and Liam.

There are so many more memories but this is enough for now. She was much too young to leave us. She really wasn't done with life yet. There was still so much to do and to experience.

And we most definitely hate having lost her so soon.

I love you, Kathleen.


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Well said.


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