Thursday, August 16, 2007

Summer Doldrums

Well, there isn't much to write about, but it has been a while since I posted so I figured I had best get on the stick and write something!

Last week Mike and I saw the Shuttle Endeavor go up. It was a 6.30 p.m. (or there abouts) launch time, so we were both home relaxing at the time. We watched it take off on the tv, then outside to see it in the sky, winging its way into space. I hope I don't ever get over the thrill of seeing this, right outside in our very own front yard.

We are doing pretty well. Progress on the house is very slow, but I guess that is just as well in the long run. I will be glad to get the sorting and packing away and moving Anne's stuff so it isn't "here", occupying the sun room, etc. I will be glad when we can actually use the sun room for more than my exercise room---not that that is a bad use for it! I will be glad to have my sewing machine accessible, so I can finish up a few things and maybe start something new! It takes time though!

Anne and Paul are doing well. Anne had a uti last week, that kept both of us on the run with calling docs and getting meds, and all that fun stuff. Since her surgery her blood pressure has been going lower than it normally does, and she thinks her blood sugar is going low again too. We are getting that all sorted out and she will feel a lot better once those are better regulated.

I have talked to Brian a couple of times. I think there is big news in the offing, I am sure he will let us all know if and when! Otherwise, it sounds like they are all fine and doing well. Michelle "talked" to me on the phone the other day---this consisted mostly of her laughing!

Oh, the magnolia is still blooming, although usually only one or two blooms at a time. I don't remember it ever blooming so much or so long since we have been here. The gardenia is long since done, but the hibiscus are looking great, with plenty of blooms, etc.

Well, enough for now, take care and you all can blog too!


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