Sunday, May 13, 2007


What a weekend for events!

Yesterday was Dad Walters' birthday! How the time does fly, eh Dad? We hope you had a great day.

Today is Mothers' Day, of course! Happy Mothers' Day to both our moms!!

I took some photos of the unidentified flowers in the back. The photos are very uninspiring, but I guess this one is clear enough that someone might be able to recognize the flowers and tell what they are? Here it is:

While I was in the back with the camera, I also checked the gardenia. It had several flowers on it, and this is a semi-decent shot that I got of two of them:

They are so pretty, aren't they? Just a shame that I can't stand the smell of them! They sure are pretty to look at though.

Not much going on around here. Anne keeps busy with school and Paul. She is still going to pt two times a week, too.

Mike is going to grill tonight, and Anne and Paul are supposed to come. I got some steaks at the commissary and he is going to grill those. We might do up the squeaky cheese too.

Well, I guess that is it this time around, I will try to have something else to talk about soon?


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