Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I hope you all have a great day! The sun is shining here, and the azalea bush in the front is still covered in blooms--it really looks pretty! We have one more day, it seems, before the next cold front comes through. Oh well.

I have tried posting before, but blogger hasn't been cooperating. Not sure what the problem has been. I switched over to the new blogger and that all went well, but since then, had not been able to post. Anne tried it last night from her screen name, and had no trouble at all. So, today I came to it through mozilla instead of AOL, and all was fine.

Not too much going on here, except the familiar routine of taking Anne to pt. She is making progress and that is always a good thing! We try to run an errand or two after---enough to keep her up and moving, and not enough to wear her out badly.

I made bread yesterday and it was a new recipe from my book. I think it is called "Feather Loaf" and it is indeed nice and light. Anne had wondered if there was a recipe (without milk) that wasn't quite as dense as the bread I have been making. Well, this is it. It did call for 1/3 cup butter, and I put in just a bit less than 1/3 cup of olive oil instead. I don't know what it would have tasted like with the butter, but it tastes great with the oil! It called for making two long loaves--sort of like French or Italian bread is formed. I did one that way, shaped the other and put it in a loaf pan. They are both really good. I guess we have a new favorite recipe? Oh, as I indirectly mentioned, it makes two loafs. With the butter/oil in it though, it will stay fresh longer, so we should be fine. It is supposed to freeze well too, if we find we need to do that.

Well, I am sure I have bored you enough by now--haha! Time to leave for pt will be upon me before I know it, so that's it for now and I will post again soon! Have a happy Valentine's Day, eh?!!


At 8:32 AM, Anonymous joyce manning said...

Would love the recipe for this bread. Would you send it to me at

At 12:28 PM, Blogger Sally said...

sure, Joyce! I will get it off to you soon.

At 10:04 AM, Blogger Joanna said...

Me too .... sounds good to me!


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