Friday, December 29, 2006

A Day at the Beach

I am sitting in the dining room, working from the laptop. I find that I can't access (I just don't know how!) the photos that I have downloaded onto the other computer and so can't add some of them to photobucket to put them in the blog. So, instead of talking about our trip to Sea World, I will post about our trip to the beach (since I have plenty of photos from that on photobucket!)

We made the trip to the beach on that last Thursday that the kids were here. It would be Michelle's first trip to the beach, and the kids were all looking forward to it, as were we!

The day was nice, although very breezy. Which meant that it was downright windy at the beach. The sun was shining though, and it was warm enough! Christine had brought Michelle's Winnie the Pooh swimsuit with its little pareo wrap and flip flops. She looked so cute!!!!! We went to the "stop light" beach, right across from the main gate of the base. It is a favorite with Anne and me, and it is easy to get back out of, since there is the stop light and one can easily turn left.

There was almost no one there at the beach---I guess most people were trying to finish their Christmas shopping? It was nice to have it so empty! We found a nice spot and put down the blanket. I am not sure what Michelle thought of it all! The beach hadn't been cleaned recently, or at least not since a lot of seaweed, etc, had been washed up. We saw plenty of Portuguese Men of War--which was a surprise as I hadn't heard anything about it on the news, and didn't till a couple of days later. Although, there weren't as many as there had been when we had a lot last year. Some of these were much bigger than the ones we had seen before though. Even so, Brian and Christine were surprised at how small they are, having gotten the impression (as we had before) that they were much larger. Oops,was going to put in a photo, but I didn't put one in photobucket. But, you probably remember what they look like!

We found some other surprising things on the beach, including a big cocoanut that had washed up!

Brian and Mike checked it out, and found that it had some very soft spots, so it was definitely left on the beach!

Michelle made a trip down to the water, holding hands with Brian and Mike. You will have seen some of the photos on the photo page! She didn't seem to be afraid at all, and had a good time in the water!

She also had fun with Mike and Anne

Brian and Christine took the time to play in the sand a bit!!!!

After about an hour at the beach, with the wind getting quite chilly, we called it quits and returned home to clean up for dinner. We were full of sand, and quite wind blown! It was a relaxing time, though!

Check back another time for a recap of our day at Sea World!


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