Sunday, November 05, 2006

Back Again

Sorry, no photos this time. I will get organized and get some on some time. Mike has started up a new photo thing on Brian's hummmm, what do you call it? On Brian's green bug thing. As you can see, there are gaps in my becoming more techno savvy. I am sure Mike, Anne and Brian will be laughing their heads off on reading that I have any thought of being at all techno savvy, but I am learning some and am not as totally inept was I once was! Anyway, I was going to say, I imagine that Mike will send out info about the new photo site so you all can go see the pics.

Anyway, we are back to lovely weather here. I see that AOL and the weather channel (as on Mike's blog) are not in sync about the temp, one says 78 and the other says 80 degrees. Either way, it is nice out and the sun is shining. Can't ask for much more than that, can we? The snow birds are returning already. I guess it has just been too cold in some of those more northern climes for them. It is still a bit early for them to be showing up here. I think the majority never used to head this way till after Thanksgiving? We don't really mind them, but they do make things more congested and we sure see the traffic increase when they are here. Can't blame them for wanting the nicer weather. (although I tend to think one should take the good and the bad, the warm and the hot, the cold and the mild/hot) But that is just me, eh?

I think we are pretty well rested after our journey to Texas. It still seems kind of odd to think that we were there and are back home already. I will say, I really loved the non-stop flight deal. It is sure the way to go, when possible. The trips through security weren't too bad, even with Anne's growth hormone, which could not go through the x-ray machines, and had to be hand checked. We were very glad to have the letter from the doc. Anne's ankle brace made for some problems. Orlando handled it well, just using the wand to scan and letting her through. Houston was more of a problem, and the gal insisted on patting her down. Sure, she looks like a terrorist, doesn't she???????? Seems especially stupid when one can see at a glance that the brace has numberous metal eyelets that the laces go through. Oh well.

There isn't much else going on here, just the usual routine once again of pt and doc appts. Anne sees her endocrinologist on Thursday. She had her MRI of her knee, and her bone scan (checking on the osteopenia) this past Thursday. It will be too soon, I think, for there to be any improvement of the osteopenia due to the growth hormone, but it will be interesting to see if it had gotten any worse in the past year.

Well, I had best go. Oh, I am happy to report that Mount continues their winning streak in football. They played John Carroll yesterday and the game was a little close for comfort at times, but Mount did prevail. My little bit of superstition, I always wear a Mount Union shirt on Saturdays when they play. I know it really doesn't make any difference, but.......


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