Sunday, September 24, 2006

I Would Forget My Head Today......

Yep, that is right. I am currently trying to remember something that I realized I wanted to blog about and didn't. Maybe I will remember in time to include it?

Meanwhile, I did want to mention Mount Union! They have a superior football team, to say the least. They are having another winning year, which thrills me to no end. Yesterday they played Muskingum, and won 62-0. They scored 42 points in the first quarter. Amazing.

Well, I still can't remember what I wanted to say, so I will go for now and will post again if I ever remember it. Do look on down, as I had already posted once today.

Oh!!!!! I just remembered it!!!!! Hurrah! Anne and I finally watched her newest arrival from Netflix, the very first episode of Inspector Morse, of PBS Mystery fame. It isn't one of my favorite episodes (although I didn't know which one it was going to be before seeing it, since I didn't know what order they went in). Still, it was good, and it was interesting to find that it was the very first one. Mom---it is the Jericho one, I don't remember the exact title.

What I found especially interesting though, was Anne knew that there was some extra info on the disk and checked it out. There were some trivia type comments and we had to read them, of course. I am so glad that we did. Two or three really stood out. Did you know that Colin Dexter, who wrote the books, did a cameo appearance in each episode? That the notes at the beginning music of the shows spells out "Morse" in morse code? And that at some point during the show, the music spells out the name of a character in the episode, also in morse code? It is usually the name of the murderer, but sometimes just the name of one of the characters, to throw people off! Wow!!!! I never would have guessed, and it will make the shows even more interesting. I will have to look for a photo of Colin Dexter, so I can try to pick him out!

So, go read the bit I wrote before, if you like, and I will blog again when I can! Take care!


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