Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Eve of the Eve.....

of Anne's appt at the Mayo Clinic. Time is getting short, and it seems the time has just disappeared. I hope this week goes by as quickly.

A note about Mike's Photo of the Day page. He made some changes and the buttons have changed a little bit. You can choose a light or dark background for the photos. You will easily notice which buttons you click for that. The thumbnail versions can be seen by clicking on "index" now, instead of "thumbnails". He has been having plenty of fun, tweaking his page! It sure looks nice, and I love the photos.

I am hoping to finish laundry today. I don't know how much time we will end up having between Anne's appt with the foot doc in the morning, and the kitties' vet visit in the late afternoon. The more I get done today, the better, right? I think things are pretty well sorted. I did a big shop at the commissary yesterday, so there is plenty of food for Mike for however long we are gone. We will hope not too long.

Well, take care and I will keep you posted.


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