Monday, September 04, 2006

Thoroughly Disgusted

I imagine most of you have heard the news by now, that Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter, has died after being stabbed in the heart by the barb of a sting ray. I only saw his show a few times but I saw him a number of times on other shows. He was an interesting guy, and he did a lot to promote interest in crocodiles, wildlife in general, etc.

I just went out (before starting this) to get a cup of coffee. I saw that they were showing an old interview with Steve on The Today Show. I went for a closer look, and they were replaying the interview done with him two years ago, when there was the huge fuss because he took his baby son into a crocodile enclosure with him. How disgusting of The Today Show. The man has just died, his family and friends are in mourning, there are surely tons of footage of interviews with the man, and they are showing this???????? With Matt Lauer or some other talking idiot coming up with all kinds of scenarios on how the baby could have been injured? None of them did occur, of course, the baby was fine. Then suggesting that perhaps young children, seeing the clip, might think that crocodiles weren't dangerous. ---Excuse me, I would assume that the parents would be with the young children, or should be if they were around crocodiles???

Anyway, it just made me absolutely sick that they were replaying this particular interview, when the man has just died.

If any Australians happen to read this, please except my condolences on your loss, and my apologies for the insensitivity and crassness of our media here in the U.S.

I guess that is my excitement for the day. It is sunny out today, although there is a chance of thunderstorms this afternoon--big surprise there, right? We didn't get any rain from all the rumbling yesterday, although other areas did get a good rainfall. We don't particularly need more rain right now, so it worked out just as well--haha.

I hadn't been totally sure before, but read in the papers that they had not removed the shuttle from the launch pad before Ernesto came through. This was a safe course, since it could withstand quite strong winds and Ernesto was already weakening significantly. Because they didn't move the shuttle, it is ready for launch this week. The big day is Wednesday, with possible back-up days of Thursday and Friday. A very small window, so we sure hope it can go off as scheduled!

Jo has some great videos on her blog, showing the tree that fell on their house. It looks much bigger, in the videos, than it did in the initial still shot. Stop by and see it! It is obvious she is enjoying the video capabilities of her new camera!

Well, time to go, take care all......


At 11:31 AM, Anonymous joyce said...

Sally, glad someone else was less than happy with our insensitive news media. Steve Irwin would never have done anything to endanger the lives of his kids. He knew what he was doing. Jack Hanna said that Steve's death was a freak incident since sting rays are docile creatures. Tragic loss for conservation and animal efforts.

At 5:39 PM, Blogger Joanna said...

I felt the same way Sally when I saw the news comments - very insensitive and pointless .... whay bring that up?

I do hope the shuttle goes as plans and await hearing about it!


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