Sunday, August 27, 2006


I tried to post the other day, but the ether wasn't buying it, so there you go....

Not much going on, of course! We had some quite loud and sparkly thunderstorms yesterday afternoon. Nothing new, we have had a good thunderstorm most of the afternoons this past week. But the one yesterday was especially nice and boomy. We got 1.2 inches of rain out of it too!

Because of Friday's thunderstorm, the launch scheduled for today has been delayed till tomorrow. It seems there was a lightning strike rather close to the shuttle---from the photo on the tv, it looked like it actually hit the antenna type thing that sticks out the top of all the works, but I don't know if that is actually the case or not. In any case, they need more time to check everything out and make sure there was no damage. Sounds like a good plan to me! The weather today was forecast to include rain, so it is just as well. Tomorrow should be a better day--we hope so!

Anne has blogged, be sure to stop by and visit her blogs! We are waiting to see what Nexflix brings next. The German movie was good, rather strange. I think it was a pretty accurate portrayal of the communist mind-set, as seen in the general public. It was definitely worth having seen it.

I mentioned a book by Ben Bova I was starting to read. I ended up skimming the whole book and will not bother actually reading it. There was too much irritating stuff early on, and I didn't want to go through it all--haha. I think I actually got most all of the highlights, and have now moved on to Agatha Christie's The Patriotic Murders, which I have almost finished now.

I talked to Christine the other day. They are doing well. Brian is back to days--not sure what the deal was with some shift work, just a temporary thing, it sounds like. Well, I just lost the connection to blogger, so I will save this and try to get it all going again and get it posted. Take care all and more later.


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