Thursday, August 03, 2006

Merrily We Roll Along...

Sort of? As mentioned briefly in the Brain Blog, Anne had her echo yesterday. No info from the tech, as is usual. If not sooner, we will get the results when she sees Dr. Venero on the 18th.

I got some more sorting done yesterday, and fortunately came across paperwork from Verizon--the greedy pigs! We had to start a new contract in OH in April or May, whenever it was that we added a phone for Mike, before he came down here to Florida. Once we were all permanently here, Mike changed the phone numbers to Florida numbers. I hadn't really thought about it at the time, but they did a new two year contract--again!---at that time. I was going to cancel the service later this month, as we can save a lot of money now by doing the prepaid cell phone deal. I am so glad I came across that letter yesterday, as we would have been stuck with a $175 penalty for canceling early. What a rip-off. Anyway, I will definitely be canceling it in September--after that pesky contract expires!

An interesting occurrence earlier this week and it is the second time this has happened in the two years (almost) that we have lived here. Some woman stopped by to ask if we knew the name of the paint color on our house. She loves the color. The same thing happened last year. This time, I was able to help, as I still had the can with the "code" or "color recipe" on it right there near the front of the garage. I personally like some of the other yellows in the area better, but I am glad our yellow is popular--haha!

The butterfly garden continues the thrive. The passion vine has lots of new buds on it, and perhaps more of them will get to open this time? We are not yet sure of the times and seasons for caterpillars. Does it go on off and on all year, or only at certain times? I am sure climate probably has an effect. I guess we will learn with time.

Time to go, plenty to do and I have to get at it. Take care all and best wishes to you all.


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