Friday, July 28, 2006


How does that go by so quickly? Twenty-seven years ago today, Mike and I got married in Elsinore, CA. It sure doesn't seem like it was that long ago. The time has gone quickly, with a lot of interesting events along the way. It has been great, and I hope we have many more years together!

Brian called last night from Alaska on his cell phone! Who would have guessed that it would have worked? I never really thought about whether it would work from a "so called non-continental state". But, it did! The connection was really good and clear, and although I "lost" Brian a couple of times when I was talking to him, I think it was mostly because he was moving around. He leaves Alaska Saturday evening, and arrives back home late Sunday morning. By the way, he is at Fairbanks!

We are having a quiet long weekend. We had dinner out for Mike last night at Carrabba's. It is one of his favorite restaurants. Very yummy. Later on we cut into the chocolate cake---yummm. I meant to take a photo before cutting it and forgot. Oh well, most everyone has seen it before anyway.

We have had a little bit of rain this morning, but it is sunny again now. I don't think we had any accumulation at all from this.

How lucky was Mike to have a brand new butterfly emerge on his birthday? I think it is pretty neat! We at least have a little bit better idea of what the crysalises look like now.

Well, we may not be totally done with rain today, I think I just heard some thunder. Mike is off at the gym, getting that out of the way. He looks more fit!

Take care all, and more later on.....


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