Friday, July 07, 2006

Preserved for Posterity

Sort of. I posted photos of the wallpaper border in Mike's cave ages ago, when I removed part of it before the bookcase went to live in there. Mike made good progress over the long weekend, removing the outer layer of the rest of the border in his cave, and getting most of the outer layer of border in the kitchen removed. I decided it was time to take photos, so you can see what you would otherwise miss. When you come to visit, it will be gone!

This is one repeat of the pattern in the kitchen. This is most of the section that is above the doorway to the dining room. There is a section over the fridge too.


This is the last bit over the counters, in the main part of the kitchen. It extends about the length of the kitchen, so there was a good bit of it. You will notice that I have some of my tins up on the shelf over the counters! This is just part of the stretch of wallpapered area/length of kitchen.


Now to Anne's bathroom/the main bathroom. The tub is a solid white/creamy color, so not a problem in the scheme of things. The sinks/countertop is this white/cream with a sort of turquoise color swirled in it.


The tile in the tub/shower area is really pretty and goes pretty well with the sink/countertop. It doesn't photograph well, but here is a stab at it. Most of the tile is the plain tile, with this patterned tile running around the enclosure to add interest. To see it (the plain tile) in real life, it has sort of a gold/green/aqua patina look to it. That doesn't begin to describe it, but it is pretty.


Difficult to decide what color of paint might go well with it. What is there doesn't do the trick! The border doesn't either. The paint is a cool toned light blue. A pretty color, it just doesn't go with the tile. Here is a photo that includes both the tile and the painted wall.


And finally, here is a photo of one repeat of the wallpaper border. There are two rows of it, one all along the top of the wall, and another run about where a chair rail would be. It goes nicely with the paint color, which means it doesn't go well with the tile.


Humm, I think the colors came out a little funky on that one. Keep in mind, your computer may not show you things in quite the same color we see them here in the house.

I will show you the tile/paint/wallpaper border in the master bath next time I do one of these montages!

Not much else going on around here. Anne's sinus infection is not improving, it seems. She just hasn't been complaining much. Her throat has been really sore too (more so than usual), although we found some chloraseptic strips at the commissary yesterday and they are really helping a lot. She is just past halfway through with her course of antibiotics already, so she surely should have some improvement by now? It looks like she needs to see the doc again. Poor kid.

I have been reading a bit in the evening these days, now that we are into the summer re-run time. I have read books by John Dunning, Dorothy Cannell, Kathy Reichs and Marcia Muller over the past couple of weeks. Some I read for the first time, some were re-reads, all are from my collection of books.

We had thunderstorms and rain yesterday, but only had half an inch in the rain gauge. Still, every little bit helps, right? Anne has an appointment today to get her hair trimmed, so we need to get moving. It looks like we have more thunderstorms to look forward to today, I think I have heard thunder already. Drats!


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