Thursday, June 22, 2006


It has been one of those weird weeks again. I am glad I re-read what I wrote last, so I can more fully update!

Monday and the clog in the a/c drain line. I quickly decided that more help was needed, after I found that my addition of more bleach and water--before coffee---didn't do the trick. I called the a/c people, and amazingly, the gal said they could send someone that afternoon--hurrah! He wasn't able to get there till after 5, but he did come, and he got rid of the clog, so all is good. He said a capful of bleach down the line once a month should keep it from ever happening again. I set that up on the calendar and AOL will email me a reminder every month. I am glad to be done with that. Some boxes will go out for the trash, as they are much the worse for wear after being soaked, but nothing important got wet, so that is all okay.

Anne went to see the hematologist on Tuesday. She blogged about it on the Brain Blog, so you can check and see what she had to say. Basically though, everything came out fine. She still feels really fatigued, has the odd fevers, sore throat, etc, but at least we know she doesn't have some kind of cancer or anything. That is a real relief, as after the tumor, the standard belief that there couldn't be anything too seriously wrong has been rather strained. She sees Dr. Venero on Friday afternoon for her follow up with him.

On Tuesday I had a call from Christine and we had a nice chat. Michelle had been to the doc's for her one year check-up. She is 19 lbs, 4 oz now, and 29-1/4 inches tall! She got shots, poor baby--she wasn't happy about that at all. I don't blame her! Brian had a very long day at work, something major needing repairs and lots of work involved. He had to be at work at 6 instead of 7 as usual, and he got home just before she hung up, at 7 p.m. their time. Quite a long day for him, and not the usual work day at all. The movers were to bring their things on Wednesday, so he was to be home for that. I didn't call yesterday, I figured they would be too exhausted to want to talk. I think they got most of the things done that they wanted to before the stuff came, so that was good. I know they are glad to have their stuff and their bed. Those air mattresses don't always help a lot. Ha--just realized, she did say air mattresses! It is sure better than the floor and sleeping bags, like we always did--haha. Still, one's own bed is best, right?

Not much else going on around here. Joel hasn't been back yet with the rest of the plants or the mulch, but it does take time. This is the busier time of the year, too, when they have to mow once a week, so the work load is so much higher. I thought Mike might start posting pictures of the plants, but since he hasn't, I might go ahead and start putting them up. If I can get some decent ones, that aren't so bright around the flowers that you can't see them.

We are back to dry and sunny--and hot, with afternoon clouds that so far haven't decided to do anything. I guess that is the way it goes.

I just went out and looked at the butterfly garden, it has been getting a little dry. Either Mike or the neighbor gave it some water this morning, so it is looking okay. Here is a photo of one of the plants, well, there are two of this, but this one shows up best. I think it is the one that I think might be called pentas?


Really pretty flowers, eh?


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