Saturday, June 10, 2006


It is 9 p.m. and it is still 86 degrees outside. It really didn't feel all that hot when we went out for our weekly dinner out. That is one of the things I like best about this area, it often doesn't feel as hot as it is. Good thing!

Yesterday evening we had a mini disaster, namely water on the counters either side of the sink, and under the sink too. The counters and under sink area were cleared out and mopped up--thanks for the help, Anne!-- and the quest was on to try to figure out where the water had come from. No totally obvious solution, of course. I put dishrags at the upper edges of the sink/counter area, and some paper towels long the back of the sink edge. More paper towels were spread out under the sink. No water. Nada. Some minor drips from the faucet, just below the handle, reminded me of a time when there had been some bigger drips from the same place, and I had found at that time that the said area was loose. I tightened that up, just in case that was the answer. No problems, no more drips, etc. The faucet will be replaced at some convenient time. I don't like the faucet at all, so this is a good thing--haha!

Mike did a repair job outside for me today. One of the sprinkler heads was totally missing. Long story short, Mike found a bag of old but still serviceable sprinkler units in the storage room, and was able to replace the missing head from one of them. Hurrah!!!! It is all especially nice, since it was a sprinkler that had been "missing"---buried in sand and grass. Nice to have it working again!

We had a good showing of clouds this evening, but I don't think there is any rain forecast and it didn't look like they were going to produce any, in any case. Oh well. It seems kind of strange, when so many of the other areas around us have had a good amount of rain now, and we are still without any significant amount.

I have had news from Lufkin and all is well there. A great visit is being had by all. Russ, Amy and Skyler were able to go for the day today. Christine finally got to meet them all, and vice versa, and Skyler and Michelle had a good time playing. Christine has updated both the moving blog and her blog! Michelle got to have an early birthday cake and it sounds like she enjoyed that too!

Not much else going on, so I will go for now and will hope to have something interesting to write about before long--have a good weekend!


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