Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Temperate Weather....

For now, anyway. It is 6.20 or so in the evening, and 74/76 degrees, depending on whether you prefer the Weather Channel temp or AOL's. I guess it doesn't much matter, does it? We did get into the low 80's as predicted. It was sunny and that was a nice change from the clouds and rain we had yesterday. We had high hopes for lots of rain, and people to the north of us got a good amount. We got the short end of the stick, however. Our rain gauge gathered a whole half inch of rain. Oh well. Everything does look a bit greener, even with that little bit of rain. The rest of the week will be sunny and hotter, with mostly highs in the low 90's to look forward to.

Not much going on around here. Anne and I stayed at home yesterday with the rain threat. Oh well! We got out and about today. Stopped off first for Anne's latest round of blood work. Karen at the lab couldn't believe we were back already, as we were just there last Thursday. At least she is really good at jabbing, and always gets Anne on the first try. It sure makes it easier to deal with. We ran a couple of errands and then came back home.

I read in the neighborhood newsletter update that we have 6 baby swans in our area. How cool! I think they must be doing a really good job of hiding and a good thing, as the newsletter also said that we have lost 3 adult swans now to bobcat activity. Only the first one made the newspapers, as far as I can tell. Still, a real shame to lose them.

I talked to Brian on Saturday. They are able to stay in TLQ till they close on the house. They did have to change units though, so had to move out and wait till check-in time to get into the new one. Oh well. They all sound great, and the baby is doing well. It sounds like she is growing up fast. Anne got to hear her say Dadadada! We can hardly wait to see them all! I know they can hardly wait to get into their house.

I haven't made any more progress on the books, after all the work I did last week/weekend. The bookcases are getting fuller than I like already, and I am not sure how many book boxes there are left to get unpacked. I did go ahead and unpack some of Anne's books and put them in the computer room bookcase for now, just to get them out of the way. I really have to get those two unfinished bookcases from Illinois finished and both into her room. That will help a lot!!!! I think I am getting closer and closer to having to do more major dejunking. I can't believe we still have so much stuff that we don't need. I got rid of so much in Ohio, it is amazing to think there is still so much more. I really want to try to avoid filling up "over the garage storage" with stuff we will never use though. So, we will see.

Random photo from the sheep and wool festival....

What have they done to me? Parts sheared and parts not! Interesting spots, eh?

Take care all, and have a good week! I can't believe it is Wednesday and the day is mostly over already.


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