Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Our Trip, Revisited....

I don't know how many times that will be the case, as it seems like there is so much to tell and the balance will be telling enough to satisfy friends and family without boring everyone to tears.

The trip to Jo and Eric's was great, as I think I have reported. The weather was good, the traffic wasn't bad, etc. I really enjoyed the drive through Richmond. Call me a nut, it was the beginning of rush hour, the traffic had really picked up--but hadn't slowed down yet, there was the usual stuff with cars getting on and getting off, and lots to watch. I wouldn't like to deal with it every day, but it is fun to drive it once in a while--rather invigorating! I attribute it to learning to drive in So. Cal!

We got to the house before 5, and it was really easy to find--great directions! Eric is really nice and we were really glad to finally meet him! The house is really beautiful, and tastefully decorated. Shells are present in most rooms, and Jo and Eric have a lovely variety of shells collected in their travels. So beautiful! We finally met Silly Cat, too. She took to us pretty well. She didn't hide away when we came in. We were suitably honored!

Here is Silly Cat, having a nap on one of her kitty platforms!

Okay, I'm awake!

Anne must have taken this----Jo, Eric and me, all computing on our laptops. This is the living room. You can see some of the shells in their display cocktail table! The area to the right is their sun room, which is really lovely and has a fantastic view from the windows.

Mike and I spent Friday night at Becky's. We finally got to meet Tom, and see Becky and Tom's adorable children! Too cute!

We left Saturday morning for the festival. We didn't get as early a start as I thought we would. Anne had a hard time getting up, and I decided it was just as well to let her sleep, as we were only going to be able to handle just so many hours at the festival that day anyway. Despite earlier predictions forecasting rain and chilly temperatures, Saturday was lovely! Sunny skies, warm temperatures, but not hot. We couldn't have asked for better weather!

Just a few comments though, about the trip up. I-95 in Northern Virginia is practically unrecognizable. We saw the exit for our old place, etc, but everything has changed greatly, with high flying ramps and cloverleaves, and much wider roads, etc. It did seem to be much easier to make the "change" from 95, to 95/495, so that was nice. We had to go over the drawbridge, which is much as I remember it. However, it looks like its days are numbered, as they are building a new drawbridge right next to it. It is a good bit higher, and looks like it will be nice when it is all done. The rest of the trip was fine. Thanks to AAA and then to Yahoo maps, we had no trouble finding the fairgrounds.

For more about this, and our first day at the festival, etc, see my Quilts and Blankies blog. Tomorrow, as I don't have time to post that today!


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