Sunday, April 16, 2006


It is beautiful outside, and I hope it is the same where ever you are! It is quite warm, AOL says 86 and Mike's weather channel window on his blog says 87. Either way, it is quite warm, and Mike is out walking. I imagine he will be ready for a cold drink when he gets home!

In honor of spring, Easter, etc, here are some pictures!

These are photos of the frangipani. The first one is rather funky, as all the leaves are way above my head, and I was trying to get a shot that required the camera to be held above my head. I couldn't totally see what I was shooting. Oh well. The second one is a little bit lower, but not by much. I was able to get a little bit better view though, after practicing with the first shot! Be sure to click to see the larger size. You can see buds in among some of the leaves, so it will be blooming eventually. The flowers on this frangipani are really beautiful! I guess my only complaint would be that they are so high up, I can't usually see them very well. Oh my!

I heard from the Grands in Texas, and they talked to Brian and Company today. They got the rental car returned and are back at their lodgings again. I am sure they are glad to be done with that, and are surely looking forward to the house hunting which will start soon. Or maybe they are dreading it, but looking forward to getting it done and over with. I am not sure! In any case, I hope it goes well for them.

I called about the bookcases on Friday and they reported that the bookcases were in the stain shop, and ready for their last coat of finish or whatever. They will be done soon, and we will have them in house soon, sometime this week, surely! Hurrah! I can then start unpacking all the remaining book boxes, and hope that there is room in the new bookcases for all the remaining books!

Have a great day, and a great week, all of you! Happy House Hunting, Brian and Christine!


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