Friday, April 07, 2006

Day After Surgery

Well, our sleeping princess is still sleeping, but I think I will get her up soon. It is about time for meds, if she needs them, and she might as well not let it go too long. She was downright perky after she got up from her nap yesterday evening, which I count as a really good thing! Of course, those meds they gave her at recovery helped a lot--no pain makes perky much easier to do!

Here is a photo of part of the jasmine on the trellis! There are tons of blooms on it, and I noticed that there are still a great number of buds too. Once the vines fill out more and cover the trellis, it should really be something to see when in bloom.

Here are some photos of Anne's greatly bandaged and wrapped right wrist. Doesn't it make her hand look abnormally long? So far we haven't seen any signs of leakage or icky stuff. Thank goodness! Of course, it would take a bit of doing to get through all that bandaging! They sent her home with some bandaging things, but no real direction as to doing anything with it. We will hope to just leave it for Monday and the people who do such things can do it. I think the things they sent home with her were a "just in case" deal.

More pretty photos! These are some close-ups of some of the open jasmine blooms. Sorry, the one set came out a bit fuzzy. I was surprised that they came out as well as they did, as it is quite breezy outside, and the flowers wouldn't hold still!

Everyone at the surgery place was really nice. Anne's only complaint, I think, was the short stay in recovery. I think she would have been as happy to stay longer, but then, she was much more comfortable having a good nap in her own bed. Of course, the long delay before her surgery was no fun, but not really anyone's fault--it just happens that some surgeries take longer than expected, and it causes delays. Just one of those things, eh?

She only got me up once last night, as she woke up itching again. I forgot to mention that, right? She had the same problem after her brain surgery, itched all over. They gave her something for it in recovery, and she had some benadryl later in the evening, after her nap. I gave her some when she woke me at almost 2 a.m., and left some pain meds for her---it was about an hour too early for them. I see she did end up getting up and posting on at least one of her blogs. I was afraid she would have trouble getting back to sleep till the benadryl kicked in.

I will keep you all posted on how she is doing.


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