Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Busy, Busy

Well, time is flying by. With any luck, we will be getting a call soon to arrange a delivery date for the bookcases! I can hardly wait!!!!! I am so looking forward to getting the rest of the books unpacked. I miss them! Not that there aren't plenty of other books in the house. I had no trouble filling the first 4 bookcases we ordered! Still, those lonely packed-away books are surely looking forward to their release.

And, the best part, is that I am ready for them! Another day or two would be okay, as I still want to take down at least part of the wallpaper border in Mike's cave. If all I do is remove the little bit at the spot the bookcase will go, that will be fine, as the rest can be done later. I just don't want to have to empty and move the bookcase once it is in place, unless it is for some other reason!

The best part was getting the space in our room ready---I got it all finished over the weekend. It is a wide space, as two bookcases will go in there, right next to each other. I have pretty well decided to "live" with the flowery wallpaper border and the paint color in there. We mostly sleep in there, with the lights off (haha), so the wall color and the border aren't as big a deal as the border is in Mike's cave.

Anne has blogged again, a neat quiz about her, on her One Day at a Time blog (link in the side bar). Just be sure to scroll down to see it, as it is a bit too wide to show at the top of the page.

I talked to Brian and Christine both on IM yesterday. It sounds like all is going well there. Their unaccompanied baggage will be packed and carted off on Friday. They will sure have an empty house after that leaves.

Mike's new camera lens arrived yesterday! He has been impatiently waiting for it to arrive since he ordered it last week. This is the lens that he has been saving birthday and Christmas money for. He had a lot of fun, it seemed, taking photos with it yesterday! I saw some of them, and they were truly awesome. Some of the ones he showed me were so detailed, you could see water drops on the swan's head! He does have one swan photo on Flickr taken with the new lens. No water drops on this one though.

Do I dare? Yes, I do! Here are some photos of hibiscus blooms that I took the other day.

They were taken with the old camera, of course. I find the new camera to be rather scary---all those bits and pieces and buttons and things to adjust and and and..... I am comfortable with the old one, and it still takes good photos, and suits me to a T!

We are done with our cold front, and are warming up again. We are back in the 70's and 80's again. Still no rain, except for that tiny bit last week. There was a brush fire to the south yesterday, down in Palm Bay. No danger at all for us, but a shame, as it was at a park down there, and there were houses that could be in danger if the fire wasn't contained in time. I haven't seen the paper yet to see if they did get it under control in time. Isn't it weird that our big fire risk times are in the winter and spring, and in California it is in the summer? But it makes sense, since our rainy seasons are reversed. Go figure!


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