Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sunny Breezy Day

That is what it is like outside, sunny and breezy. It is cooler than yesterday, 71 degrees right now, and only expected to get a bit higher into the 70's. It is a change after 86 yesterday!

Spring is definitely here. How can I tell, you ask? The oak tree, which was almost bare, has re-leafed! It only seems to take a couple of days, from the first hint of green, till the leaves all seem to be in place, full grown overnight it sometimes seems. Also, the little row of bushes in the bed in front of the dining room window are in bloom. Just a sec..... there, I went outside and took some photos--here is the best one!

While I was outside anyway, I went around to the side of the house to check on the jasmine. It continues to grow and spread, as desired, and I noticed it has buds on it! It should be in bloom soon. I will keep an eye on it so I can post pix of that too!

So, even in a really warm climate like this, there are signs of spring, if you just ignore the temperatures and look! I also noticed a dragonfly yesterday afternoon. They seem to leave during the winter months. There should be new baby swans soon, if they aren't already in place. How cool is that?

Okay, enough of spring. I can tell it is spring anyway, from the allergies. They aren't too bad, just a few sniffles, but I don't look forward to the grapefruit blooming. Oh well.

The bug man did make it over yesterday, right on time. We do so enjoy the lack of bugs that results from regular spraying. Unlike the store-bought sprays, the sprays Mark (the bug guy) uses have no scent--or at least barely do. Can you imagine, he told me they used to add the scent---it was considered a safety thing. Go figure, eh? They stopped adding it when more and more people (and bug guys!) started having allergic symptoms from it.

Anne and I made a trip to the base yesterday afternoon, to do some more fridge and freezer replenishment. They are both still pretty empty, but are getting there. They had a good special on strawberries, so I got 3 more containers. I will freeze some so Anne and I can make strawberry sorbet some time. And to just have. I have even been thinking about making freezer jam, now the the freezer is so empty. It is always so good, and I know Anne and Mike like it. We will see.....

Not much else going on here. I did get a lot of sorting done in the living room, and I want to get more done in the dining room too. And I still have to get the spots ready for the new bookcases! It will be so much fun to get the rest of the books unpacked and shelved. I miss my books! Once they are all out, I can get to work on finally getting them all cataloged and can see just what all I really do have, what I am missing, etc.


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