Sunday, February 26, 2006

Busy Weekend

It has been a much busier weekend than I had anticipated. Oh well!

I will have to report for jury duty on Monday. Rats. Not that I mind, it just isn't a good time. I guess most people say that, right? But in my case, it really isn't. Oh well, I might not get picked, and that would be more than okay, this time around. Next time might be better timing, etc.

Anyway, yesterday Mike checked the bags of grapefruit and found that some were molding--horrors! He went through and tossed the bad ones. I put as many as I could in the fridge--after mostly emptying the crisper drawer. We then juiced the rest! It seemed like a good idea, and Mike will have the yummy juice to enjoy for a while! Some of it is in a pitcher in the fridge, the rest are in tupperware containers, in the freezer. It works!

Today I have been busy trying to get things caught up and taken care of in advance, in case I spend more than one day at the jury duty stuff. I went ahead and paid bills, got some laundry done, etc. I will probably go do some more laundry--better safe than sorry, right?

It is gray and cloudy, and pretty windy, today. We have had rain off and on all day. The last time I looked, there was about a half inch of rain in the rain gauge. It is only in the 60's and is to be the same tomorrow. Oh well....

Not much else going on, have been watching the Olympics while it is on, and will watch at least part of what is on tonight. Time to go back to the knitting, I have one more little sock to finish up!


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