Sunday, February 12, 2006

Falling Behind.....

That is what I have done with this blog, I see--fallen behind. So, just a quick update.

Anne and I got our hair trimmed on Thursday, for the first time in months and months. Things are looking much better now, and the hair all feels great! haha

On Friday, Anne had pt for her wrist. She is still pretty sore in the wrist, and isn't at all encouraged yet. I hope that will change! We made a couple of stops after that---her appt was at 9.30 a.m.--horrors! Then we came home and she helped me with buttons for my knitting blog. She enjoyed a nice long nap after that! I experimented with different cast-ons, etc, for my knitting olympics project, and finally got a good start.

I have talked to Brian on IM several times the past couple/few days. They are so excited about coming home! As are we all, of course! Yesterday he and Christine put Michelle in the baby cam field so I could see her, as it has been a while. She is moving around so much in her little "army" crawl---shouldn't there be an Air Force crawl for her????---that she is rarely even in line with the baby cam's eye. Oh well, we have to be glad that she is growing and doing all the usual baby things! So, Brian reports that a tooth is starting to come through. And, Mitch is giving up baby bottles, she prefers a sippy cup! She is so precocious! I am going to try to put in a photo from the baby cam, not sure if it will work? Nope. Oh well, I am hoping that Brian will put photos out soon, and we will all see her!

Our cold front came through, so we are currently at 46 degrees, with a projected high of 54. This is after a lovely day yesterday, with a balmy high of 79. Oh well, this isn't supposed to last too long. We had a good rain last night, so the lawn will be happy!

Well, I must go, and update my knitting blog too. Take care and all that!


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