Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Three in a Row

Okay, can I call this a triple play? I have blogged on all three blogs today. Surely I get a prize?

Things are mostly fine here! The weather was lovely, the past couple days. The cold front petered out and it was sunny and warmer, which was really nice. Last night another cold front came through, and brought a little bit of rain. I don't think we got much, although I did wake up and hear some of it falling! It was cool today, but not bad. Very cloudy in the morning, but only partly cloudy with plenty of blue sky later on. This is to be a very brief cooler period, it is to get back into the 70's tomorrow.

And I just realized that once again, I forgot about the launch. Geez! I forgot yesterday, then heard it was scrubbed till today. I think we were still at Dr. Dhruv's office when it was scheduled to go today. If it went? I think it is neat, that it will go all the way out to Pluto, and I will be waiting to hear what they find!

Meanwhile, it has been a good week, with an email from a good Australian friend who recently returned to Queensland. And yesterday I had a letter from an Australian friend, the mum of a good Australian friend I knew in OH. It is always nice to hear from friends, and I am thankful for mail service and email that bring me news of friends so far away!

I did some work in the garage over the weekend. I managed some re-arranging, unpacked some boxes in there, did some sweeping, etc. It looks better! I really need to put an ad in the base paper and see if someone can use the packing boxes and paper. I hate to have it go to waste, and part of me really hates to give it back to the moving company, so they can reuse them. But, it would be even worse to throw it in the trash, and there is way too much for me to be able to get it to a recycling place. That is one thing I have noticed here, they talk so much about recycling, and yet they don't accept nearly as many things (ie cardboard, etc) as they did in OH. I do try not to make state comparisons, but this is something that I really think they should think harder about! They do have places you can take it, but really!

I seem to have avoided the worst of the allergies/bug that I feared I was getting. Either I successfully fought something off, or it really was allergies, and I am overcoming the ill effects of too much exposure. I still sneeze and cough more than usual, but so far not enough to need to seek any treatment. Thank goodness! Well, the nordic track is calling me, and I must go heed its call at some point!


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