Thursday, December 29, 2005

More Lazy Days

It has been a relaxing week! And there is still a bit more to come. I sure won't complain!

It was cloudy this morning, but the sun is out again, and that is almost always a nice thing! I say almost always, because when it is sunny for too many days in a row, it actually becomes tedious, and we start wishing for some clouds. I know that sounds really weird, but it isn't just us. Steve at pt says the same thing. I guess sometimes too much of a good thing is really too much.

We went and saw "The Producers" yesterday afternoon. It was really good! We liked it, anyway! It was really funny and we laughed out loud a number of times. The rest of the audience did too, so it wasn't just us! I have heard of reviews that questioned the casting, changes to the original movie, etc. I personally don't get it. I thought the casting was great, the changes were good and kept it from being "dated," and it was an all around good time.

Mike is out taking down the rest of the hurricane shutters. It is nice to have a totally clear view out the sun room windows again. I think the very best thing we did was to get the clear shutters. The view through them is a bit wavy and a little distorted, but the big thing is getting the light in. It was a very good investment!

I got through all the boxes in my bedroom yesterday! Not to say they are all unpacked. One is a wardrobe box full of Mike's uniform shirts, BDU's, flannel shirts, etc, that he doesn't need right now and that I don't have closet space for right now. That box is in the far corner anyway, so it is out of the way. I still haven't found Anne's elusive item, but all hope is not lost! I have some boxes in the dining room that were barely checked ages ago, before I started the search. It may be in one of them! Or, in a box in the computer room! Or in one of the few boxes still in the garage. I have accomplished a lot though, in getting through so many boxes, getting so many unpacked, etc! It is very clear though that we need to decide what we want to do about more bookcases! A lot of the still-unpacked boxes are full of books, with no bookcase space left for them.

Be sure to check Christine's blog! She put up the photo of Brian and Michelle in their "Old Block" and "Chip off the Old Block" t-shirts. Anne and I saw them at Cracker Barrel, and had to get them! The kid's t-shirt is a medium, way too big for Michelle right now, but it was the smallest they had, and she will grow into it! It was one of those things, if we hadn't gotten them then, we never would have seen them again. She also put up the baby snow angel photo! So cute!!!!!


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