Friday, December 16, 2005


I took the quiz that Anne had on her blog. It says I should have grown up in the 50's. I guess that is about right, eh? I do have to wonder how 5-6 questions can give an answer. I know, I know, it is all just good fun, and not to be thought about too seriously! I did have the results posted at the top of this, with the link, but it pushed all my sidebar info to the bottom of the page, and I hate that, so I took it back out! Bad bad results!

Speaking of blogs, Anne has posted! On both of hers! That isn't including the Brain Blog, which she has not posted on. However, this is progress!

We never did get the rain they were predicting for yesterday. The weather was really nice, in the 70's I think, and sunny most of the day. I got up early, finished up some boxes to be posted, and took myself off to the post office. Three more boxes out of the way, out of the house, and being flown to their destinations!

I finished my Christmas shopping and did a medium sized shop at the commissary. I have everything I need for Christmas now--except the last minute produce. I even got my turkey, which I actually managed to fit in the freezer, thank goodness!

Anne was up by the time I got home, and we mostly had a quiet day, with just one trip out. Besides my trip out, I mean! We got home and took a look at the grapefruit tree, which is so loaded with grapefruit, it isn't funny. I held the bag (doubled up plastic grocery) and Anne picked grapefruit. We took the full bag across the street, and were able to give away the whole bag full! We picked some more and will take them to pt today. You can't really tell that anything has been picked off the tree. We really do need to get them off though, as the poor tree continues to lean further and further.

Well, I must go. The weather looks okay today--it is to be cooler though, more 60's and fewer 70's for a while. I can live with it! Anyway, have more boxes to get ready for the post office, and might go ahead and get them mailed this morning.


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