Saturday, November 26, 2005

What a Lazy Day!

Well, it was very quiet here all day. The weather continues nice. It was sunny and warm, and we aren't expecting any rain till early next week. I guess it will be about time for some rain, we haven't had any in ages.

Mike has been having fun on the computer. He bought a game that he had been playing on the computer (I think there was a place you could download it and try it???) He liked it well enough to go ahead and buy it. (He brought it home on Wednesday---they got off work early!) He also did a good bit of reading, watched some football, etc.

I got through a good bit of the junk mail that has been sitting on the nook table. I also got the checkbook balanced and paid some bills. It is always nice to have a quiet day to do that kind of thing, and not feel rushed! Then I actually had time to finally transfer names and addresses from my old address book to my new one! I have more on the computer that I need to print out and put in it too. I always try--at the very least--to copy and paste new addresses, phone numbers, etc, onto a list I keep on the computer, even if I don't get them in an address book right away. So, I have a huge master list on the computer! It is time to get it printed out anyway so I can try to get a start on Christmas cards!

The rest of the day I found nice, lazy things to do, and just enjoyed a day of not having to do anything! Hurrah!

Anne continues to improve slowly. She still has pain in her nose from the surgery, but she says that the baby elephant that has seemed to be sitting on her nose feels like he is shrinking! That has to be good! She is still sleeping a lot, but I think that is still good for her too. She has been through a lot. She is walking a little bit better, and walking faster, which is really good. I think she will respond well to the physical therapy.


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