Thursday, November 17, 2005

What a Difference a Day Makes...

....when a cold front comes through! It is 65 degrees outside!!!! Granted, it is almost midnight, but that hasn't stopped it from being in the 70's before! I am not really complaining, but I guess it is an indication of getting more used to the nice warm weather here, that I even notice??????

Today was a nice day, as my Uncle Harold and Aunt Jolene stopped by for a visit! They were en route from Tampa (seeing my other uncle and aunt) to Jacksonville (home of my cousin, Uncle Harold's son). They hadn't planned on staying long, since they knew about Anne's surgery and recovery. However, we had a good visit, got pretty well caught up on things, etc. I truly do not know where the years go, as it has probably been a good 20 years since I saw them last, but it sure doesn't seem that long. How could that be????? I am sure we will manage a longer visit next time they are in Florida! It was really good to see them!!!!!!

The weather was cloudy and cooler than usual when they arrived at 11.30 or so. By mid-afternoon, it was noticeably cooler out. Hence the current temp of 65. It won't last long though, we hope! It is to get to 75 tomorrow, so it doesn't sound like that cold front is going to have too much of an affect on us, thank goodness!

Anne and I made a quick trip to Target this afternoon. They have wheelchairs there, so we did actually stay and shop and Anne got to ride around the store. We got a little bit of shopping done, which is good. I keep forgetting that the holidays are stealthily approaching, trying to take me totally unawares!

Anne told me that she had already put the photo of Michelle in her Pooh costume into Photobucket, and thanks to Jo for info on another way to put photos in. I was going to use the photobucket route, since I know how to do that! I will blog and put the photo in tomorrow!!!!!!! She is so cute, you will just love it!


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