Thursday, November 10, 2005


Well, the roof guy came on Tuesday and instead of an estimate in the mailbox, he left his business card and asked me to call. I wasn't sure if that was good news or bad news!

I called him back yesterday afternoon, once Anne and I were home from the hospital and we had settled in a little. It actually isn't bad. He just wanted to be able to go over it all with me, rather than just leave the info on paper, since he knew Anne was in the hospital, etc. I thought that was very thoughtful of him!!!!!

There is a leak in the ridge vents, so he would replace those. There is also a place near the other spot we have evidence of a leak, that is somehow exposed---he could actually see wood, as there is a gap between the shingles and the soffit in the back. He has a good plan for taking care of that, too. The price sounds very reasonable and I think we will let them do the work. We have had really good luck, I think, with getting referrals for repair work. Thank goodness, as it is always so hard to figure out who to get when you are somewhere new.

Still no word on my car, although when I called yesterday they thought it would be ready today. I guess we will see.

Mike is off tomorrow for Veteran's Day. I know he will be glad to have a long weekend, since last weekend was not at all relaxing and didn't even seem like a weekend. It was really hard for him to go back to work on Monday, while Anne was still in the hospital. I think he is a good bit more relaxed now, and will actually be able to enjoy his time off!

On the weather front, it has been lovely! Low 80's and high 70's, I think, here nearer to the coast, a light breeze, lots of sun, etc. We haven't had rain in a while, which has been nice. I guess I should say, no rain in a while, but not so long that we have had to put the sprinklers back on yet. It makes it so hard to remember that the holidays are so close, when the weather is so nice! Thanksgiving in just two weeks, unbelievable!


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