Monday, October 24, 2005

The Promised Follow-Up!

Hi All! We came through the hurricane just fine. About 4 p.m. or so, the sun popped out and the wind had slowed down. I went out about 6 or so and took a walk around the house. There is a good bit of small debris from our oak and some neighborhood trees in our yard and along the sidewalks, the driveway, etc. Also some pieces of palm tree--the part where the frond attaches to the trunk of the palm tree. The magnolia is leaning once again, but I don't think it is quite as bad as it was last year.

The trellis took a direct hit. I think that actually the trellis itself is okay, it is just the wooden posts that were supporting it. I think that Joel and his guys can just replace those and it will all be fine. Perhaps next time, fatter posts would be better? These were pretty well snapped off a few inches from ground level. I think the jasmine all looks fine, so that is good!

Walking along to the back, I had to watch for water---there is standing water in the low areas. I got to the back to find that it was probably just as well that Joel trimmed all the hibiscus, etc, so far back this time. The newest one looks pretty good, but most of the rest have lost almost all of their leaves. The frangipani has lost most of its leaves. The plants that the butterflies love so much--I don't remember what Mike told me they were called?--- are almost leafless. The grapefruit is okay, but looks like it perhaps leans a bit more than before, but if so, it would be because of the very wet ground, as the wind came from the direction it is already leaning to. Too bad it didn't correct the lean! I forgot to look for dropped grapefruit, but didn't notice any when not specifically looking, so maybe it didn't drop any? The bougainvillea in the back is almost stripped too, while the one in the front has most of its leaves but looks a bit wind burned.

All in all, I think we came through pretty well. I forgot to look for shingles, but didn't see any on the ground, so that is a plus! The news says that Melbourne had 57 mile per hour winds, almost the highest in the reporting area (the station is in Orlando and covers that area, out to the coast, etc.). We had quite a cold front come through with this too, and it is nice and cool outside. I have been knitting a lot today, and it has been keeping me rather warm, so the 68 degrees outside felt really nice. Most of the area will be in the 60's tomorrow, but Melbourne is to be the warmest, the only one in the reporting area in the 70's!

I didn't hear the final report yet on rainfall. I know it was 10 inches back at noon or so. I dumped 3 inches out of the rain gauge, but that is all it holds, so no help there!

I am sure things will get back to normal pretty quickly. Anne has an appt with Dr. Venero tomorrow, unless it is canceled, which I do not anticipate. Mike will still be home, but I would imagine he will go back on Wednesday with no problems. It will be nice to get back to normal and try to get things finished up before Anne's surgery. It will be good to get that info (a date) later in the week.

Take care and thanks for all the good thoughts, etc!


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