Sunday, October 16, 2005

How Does That Work?

Okay, strange but true. You are, in the old tales, supposed to be able to stop someone's hiccups by scaring them, right? Well, last night (Friday) I was on the computer, and Anne came in to tell me something. She startled the ____ out of me, I nearly jumped out of the chair, and I got the hiccups! They must have lasted a good 10-15 minutes, then went away on their own. How weird is that?

We had a quiet day today, no scaring, no hiccups, just a quiet, non-rainy day. The sun shined, and there were a few clouds in the sky, just enough to be a nice detail. No threat of rain at all! What a nice change. We have a collection of little mushrooms growing in the yard, from all the rain we have had, and some little patches of dollar weed. They will all go away again, now that the over abundance of rain has ceased!

Nothing else of any exciting nature to write about, so I will get this posted and go clean the kitchen. Maybe I will have something more exciting to write about next time!


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