Tuesday, September 20, 2005

As Promised, Crane Photos!

I heard the cranes outside the other day, and ran to take a look since we haven't seen them in the yard in a good while. There they were, three of them, right by the magnolia tree! I got the camera and went out. They are so tame that they will let people get fairly close to them. I did zoom a little with some of the shots I took, the close up for example! (haha)

The cranes were having a grand time, hunting for wormy grub things. They were finding enough to keep them there for a little while! I did notice that the one closest to me--I think he/she shows up as the center one in the photos--was quite good at finding food, and the one on the far left was quite good at snatching them away from him/her. I think that in the time I was watching them, the thief snatched 4-5 of them. The fearless hunter didn't seem to mind, I guess it is par for the course? It was interesting to watch them all, in any case!

Anne spent a good chunk of time with me today working on my craft blog that will be up and running before too long. She is a real whiz at this kind of thing. It makes me want to keep learning more and more! I will keep you posted!

A comment on the blog from Brian tells me that his TDY has been postponed, and he is still at home. I am sure Christine and Michelle are happy about that! Brian too!

Edited to add: When I looked at this, I noticed that the hunter crane is the one in the left-hand photo, whose head is actually in the center, but his body is to the right, and he is more in front of the group. I noticed on looking at the enlarged version that the hunter is surely a male, and the grub snatcher is female. I won't make any comments on that!!!!!


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