Monday, September 12, 2005

Ophelia Did Her Thing

Anne and I took a trip to the beach Saturday evening, after dinner. We got a good view of some of the erosion brought on by Ophelia's sitting on the coast for so long. When last we had made a trip to our favorite section of the beach, the renourishment had been completed and the resulting "cliff" of sand had already been trod upon enough to soften the whole landscape. Well, the "cliffs" are back, and the beach seems much shorter. Also, the wet sand mark was up at the TOP of the cliff!!!!!! I was really amazed to see that. I had never seen it up that far before. It wasn't just that there was evidence of the high tide coming up that far, the sand was still very noticably wet from the tide. When you also consider that at a guess, the cliff of sand is about 5 feet or more high..... I think we can safely say there has been a significant amount of erosion yet again.

Anne and I had our chairs and sat for a good while, enjoying the strong breeze and the cool, damp, salty air. There were a number of people out, including a number of surfers. The water was quite rough, with breakers forming three and four times on the way in to the beach. I think that was the roughest we had seen it. It was so relaxing, listening to the sounds of the waves, the birds, etc. Anne had really been missing the beach. We seemed to have weeks and weeks of late afternoon/early evening thunderstorms, and sure couldn't be out in those! We should have more good weather now, and more chances to get out there.

We had a quiet weekend, otherwise. We are hoping Ophelia will decide she has done enough, and will go on out into the Atlantic. I am sure North Carolina would just as soon not "meet" her! Virginia either! Take care, more later.....


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