Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Brian in Bosnia

Anne talked to Brian on IM today, and I am passing on some of the info! He seems to be enjoying himself, actually. He said that Bosnia is "fricken cool," which I supposed at first to mean that it was quite cool outside. Anne got it, but checked with him to clarify---he meant cool as in neat. He says the post (its Army) is like summer camp. I can well imagine that what is neat to visit, and what is summer-camp-like during a visit, would be the pits for a longer period of time, for winter, etc. However, I am glad that he can enjoy the experience while he is there. I would guess a high tech summer camp, by the way!!!! He did get to use a computer.

They have a PX there, which isn't surprising, as AAFES is all over, aren't they? He says one of the top selling items is ----the chain saw. Not for cutting down trees---he says you can't go into the forests, they have barbed wire in them, and there are land mines all over the place, and no one seems to know where the mines are. I believe he said that no record was made of where they were put down. Hard to say if that is true or if it just suits the ones who put them down to leave them down? Anyway, that is the word on it, that no one knows where they are located and so they haven't been removed. Back to the chain saws, he says they are mostly bought by foreign nationals, who seem to use them for home repair/demolition? He did say that Bosnia is very much like Germany in appearance EXCEPT for the lack of new cars and all the damage to buildings from the war.

He leaves on Tuesday to go home to Germany. I imagine that Christine and Michelle will be glad to see him!

Anne and I had an outing today, so Anne could get out of the house, let some sunshine on her, get some fresh air, etc. We weren't gone long, but it was a nice time out. Before that, she got to have another of those funky "hair washing in the shower" sessions. This time I got to find out just how wet I got when my shirt wasn't already soaked! I actually didn't get very wet at all, which is really nice. That would never happen if it was a regular shower head!

Well, I am going to go. I will keep you updated on things, and will do my final installment---the wrap up of the travelogue---tomorrow!


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