Saturday, August 06, 2005

Travelogue, Day One

First, I must have read too much of my new HTML simplified book, as my brain is slightly muzzy. At the end of the previous blog, I suggested I might blog more and you should be sure to scroll on down to see. Sorry, there is a new one after this, so do scroll down!

Day One to Ohio! We got a later start than I would have liked, but earlier than it could have been, considering Anne's allergy to early hours. We wanted to make good progress and get far enough along so that we could get to the Dayton area fairly early on Friday. Anne had been in touch with her friend, the Bride!, and the amazing girl was actually going to be able to meet up with us in Beavercreek on the day before her wedding. That is a good friend!

The AAA gal routed us a different way than the gal in OH liked to use, and took us through Atlanta. We figured it would be a new and exciting route, no big deal! We did still see parts of the Smoky Mountain area, so it was fun. I like those up and down, steep and windy roads! No tunnels though. I imagine Anne was glad of that, I don't think she likes tunnels much.

We had good weather and all was fine. The trip seemed to take forever to get going, but eventually things picked up. Except for TWO big slow downs before we hit Atlanta. And, we never did see what caused the slow downs. I hate that! Anyway, we were tootling along, and it was getting late. We were thinking we would want to stop for the night before long. I made the fatal flaw of rubbing my eye, and my contact was just dry enough to come right out. Someone was watching out for me, as I did not drop it, and managed to hold on to it. It is very hard to see with corrected vision in one eye and not the other! I finally had to close my one eye so I could see. Fortunately, I had saline solution and a contact case right in the car with me, Anne set things up and I deposited the contact into the case. Needless to say, I took the first exit that listed anything, and even then, wished I had gone a little further, as I seemed to drive forever before finding anything at all. It was not one of those nice exits with everything within a mile of the exit. I did eventually find a gas station, and was able to get my contact back in. What a relief!

Not long after that we started looking for a motel. We got off at an exit and stopped at one place, to find that all they had was some smoking rooms. Anne is off the singulair (for asthma) as it has been bothering her, so there was no way I was going to risk triggering an asthma attack with a smoking room! We decided to make one more stop at that exit (the guy at the first place told me that most of the others were either full or had only smoking rooms). We stopped at a Holiday Inn Express, and they had had a cancellation!!! So, they had a non-smoking room for us! Hurrah! It was 10.30 by the time we stopped, so it made for a long day. I think Anne was asleep within 10 minutes of checking in.

More later!


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