Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Physical Therapy

Well, when I saw the ortho guy last week (was it just last week?)--he put in a referral for physical therapy. He figured the problem was plantar fasciitis too, and gave me some inserts for my shoes. I finally had time to stop and breathe long enough to slip one in today, and I can't wear them---bumps in all the wrong places for my foot. However----- I had a call yesterday from PT at the base, they had a cancelation and could get me in this morning at 10.50. I almost turned it down, but decided it was early enough that Anne wouldn't be up and moving much yet anyway. So, I took it. The therapist is a new guy here, a Major, and really seems to know his stuff. He got me from the waiting room, and had me walk in front of him so he could see my gait, etc. He talked to me first, asking questions about it all. They also had a form that I had to fill out when I first got there, and it was really pretty good, quite comprehensive, etc---and he actually read it all! So, then he checked things out, a number of ways. I have to say, he is a good listener, and actually hears what you say, and not just what he is expecting. I told him that when it first started, I thought it was my ankle, then realized it was the bone lower down right at the arch. He says he thinks that is exactly right. He says it isn't plantar fasciitis at all, that it is an "ankle disfunction" and there may or may not be some arthritis in it. My arch on my left foot is lower than on the right (the left is the problem one). So, he is going to talk to the ortho guy, and get me referred to a podiatrist. He thinks new orthotics with more and stronger arch support might take care of it, but thinks it really needs to be seen, too. So, we will see what happens. He did give me some good suggestions, too, about things to help relieve the stress on the arch till something else is done about it. I didn't try the inserts the ortho guy gave me till after I had seen the PT guy, and just as well---since I then knew that part of it was the arch, and I found when I tried the insert, it doesn't support my arch as well as my old orthotics. I have a feeling that if the bumps didn't get me, the lack of sufficient arch support would. So, won't bother with them.

Anne and I leave tomorrow for OH. We will take Mike out for dinner tonight, and will celebrate the anniversary (number 26) next week! Take care and I will blog again when we get back, if not sooner!


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