Saturday, July 16, 2005

New Blog

Hi All----Well, I had started blogging about doctors, and had finished that and was going to tell you about Brian and Co. However, Anne came in with a big tangle of yarn for me to straighten out for her----don't you just hate it when finding the end of the new skein of yarn results in a whole big mess coming out of the middle??? I got that straightened out and as I was doing that, she suggested we start a "brain blog" that we could both blog on, to tell about what all is going on with the tumor, etc. She thought that might be nice, rather than talking about it on our regular blogs. Also, that way, if someone were to feel they didn't want to read about it, they could still read our regular blogs safely without reading tumor stuff too. So, that is what we will do! As what I had already written was about the doctors, we put that aside and it will go into the new blog. We will both have links to it from our regular blog sites.

So, I talked to Brian today. Of course, we talked about Anne's situation, then also talked about other things. He said Michelle had just pooped on him! Well, long enough ago that I guess that was all cleaned up and he had even put her clothes in the sink to soak. Isn't he good? It was just a diaper malfunction. I do remember from when the kids were babies, that I found one brand of diapers worked best while they were really little (well, mostly with Brian, as I used cloth most of the time with Anne while she was really little) and that as they got a bit bigger, another brand worked better. They may just need to do a little bit of experimenting! By the way, I realized that when I mentioned how tall she is now, in the other blog update, I goofed. She was 20-1/4 inches "tall" when she was born, and is 3/4 inches taller now. So, she is 21 inches long (or tall!) now. Sorry about that!!!!!

He leaves on Tuesday for his TDY to Turkey, and comes back on Thursday. Just a short trip, which is nice.

Oh, back to Michelle, he did say she is doing really well with sleeping at night. He said they usually get her to bed for the night by 11 and she will sleep till 5 or 6 in the morning. I would imagine she does sleep in the evening too, but that is great that she will go for such a long stretch without waking.

So, it is amazing to think that our little angel is one month old today! I heard her cooing while I was talking to Brian, she sounds so sweet and happy. They are all doing well, thank goodness, and all is well over there.

Well, I am going to sign off and get Anne in here to start up our brain blog. Take care and watch for the link.


At 7:08 PM, Blogger Joanna said...

I think the Brain Blog is a great idea, and I already checked it. I did notice it did not allow comments - is that just something you didn't get to? I do think it would be nice to be able to comment there and ask questions.


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