Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Rain, Rain

Hi All!

Anne was off work today and had a doc appt, at the ortho office. She saw the usual P.A. again. She is doing some better, but not all better yet. She never did hear from the ortho office about the referral to neurology for the pinched nerve they are sure she has. He is going to get them to check on that, and also see about more physical therapy for her. She still has plenty of sore bits, but she is improving! He left her restrictions as before, so she will continue at the ID desk at work.

We ran some errands after her appt, and got rained on! It was pretty overcast when we left the house, and it really poured down the rain off and on all afternoon. We have had way more rain than we need. I wish we could send some of it to Lufkin, I know you all could use it there!

The hurricane shutter people were supposed to come today. We hadn't heard from them about a time or anything, and weren't even sure if they would make it today. I had talked to the boss guy on Monday, and he had said that with all the rain this week, they were running a bit behind schedule. As he said, his guys aren't bothered by the rain, but they can't use their power tools when it is raining. He was hopeful that they would make it though! I put in a call to him this morning, just to check, since I would be taking Anne for her appt. He thought we might have already had a crew here working, so said he would check on it and call me back. It seems they will be a crew short for a while, one of the guys fell yesterday and cut his arm, took 30 stitches. Yeouch!!! That meant they weren't likely to get here today, and he asked if tomorrow would be okay. I am wondering if it might not end up being Friday before they make it, since it pretty well rained all afternoon, for all intents and purposes. In any case, the shutters are all ready, and just need the fastenings installed, etc. I think they will be really nice, they are clear, made of Lexan (??) and are very strong. I like the clear part, and if we do have a hurricane and lose power, we will really love that aspect of it, as we will be able to get light in from outside. That should make a huge difference!

Mike has been working longer hours this week, along with the rest of his co-workers. All a plot so they can have Friday off, for a 4 day weekend! I know he will enjoy the extra time off. Maybe the weather will be nice, and he can chase bugs with the new camera some more!!!! He really has been taking some great photos with the new camera. If you haven't seen them on his blog, I really do recommend you check them out! Anne is happy, she has three days off this next week (her work week runs from Saturday to Friday). She is off on Sunday, on Monday ----her birthday!---and one other day, I don't remember which one! She is really happy to have her birthday off, and even better, since it is a holiday, she gets paid too! Can't beat that, can you???

Well, I am sure I have talked long enough, so will go and save some of the other topics I still need to write about for another day. Tune in another day for such exciting topics as: "toilets overseas", "why American companies could learn a lot from the Germans in the area of restroom design!", "my trip home", "the lower floor of Brian and Chistine's home", just to name a few! No new report on Baby Michelle, we will hope for more word soon. As the old saying goes, no news is good news. I am sure they are so busy with the little angel, they don't have much time left for writing!


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