Friday, June 24, 2005

Last Day in Germany

Hi All,

It is amazing to think the 3 weeks are up tomorrow and I leave in the morning. The time has really zipped by and I just don't really know where it went. We went to IKEA today and Christine found a cute bookcase for Mitch's room. It is white, to match her furniture, etc. I found some things Anne wanted, and so it was all a good trip. We stopped at a Media Markt right next door, and did a quick look around. They have all kinds of neat things, DVD's, computer games, video games, equipment, etc.

We came home for a sort of rest, at least Mitch got a little rest! I started packing and getting my things organized. We went out for dinner to the Italian place we had gone to before, it was just as good the second time. I am really glad we went, the food is so good, and it is like having the best of Germany and Italy all in one! Their Wiener Schnitzel is so good!!!!!!

I took a few more photos today and Brian took more of me with Mitch, etc. He burned a CD for me, with photos we have taken since I have been here, also some he had taken before I came, photos of the baby shower, etc. I haven't had a chance to see all of them, by any means, so I look forward to having the time to look them all over!

I had a good cuddle with Mitch this evening, since I know time will be short and I may not have as much time or opportunity as I would like tomorrow. Brian and Christine have been very sweet and kind, and made sure I had a chance to visit with her today. With all the running around, etc, we haven't really had that much time to just sit around and visit, and when we are at home, they tend to like to have her downstairs a good bit of the time, where it is cooler! Very understandable!

Well, I am packed, except for the bits that have to be added in tomorrow morning. It will come early, so I will go ahead and close and next time I add to this, I will be back in Florida. And cooler, I hope! I do hope that the hot spell comes to an end for Brian and Christine, it could be much worse, but still no fun to put up with it. Meanwhile, I guess we can all look forward to their return to the States next year, and maybe we will all get to see little Mitch soon after! She is such a doll, I know you will all love her!!!! I gave her kisses for all of you today! I name each of you as I do it, so she knows who the kisses are from. Not that she will remember, but..... See you later!


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