Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Free at last will be our yell for the day. We got hopeful news yesterday, but Brian wisely didn't want any of us to say anything, just in case it didn't work out. The long and short is, Mitch doesn't have encephalitis, and she came home late this afternoon!!!

The doctor at the nicu talked to Brian and Christine yesterday, said the head viral doc kept looking at the results of the tests on Mitch and just felt the results looked funny. Said they still had some of the tap sample. Also, said there are two different tests that can be run to check for the encephalitis. He took the sample and ran both tests, and they both came out negative. So, the plan was, they would do another tap this morning and run it, and if it came out okay, Mitch could come home. Of course, we all hated to have them do another spinal tap on her, but that is the only way the doctor felt comfortable letting her go home, and figured that was better than two more weeks in nicu. So, they did the tap this morning, and we had to wait the 5 hours for it to be run. It came back fine!!!! Brian and Christine watched the videos that new parents have to watch before babies are released to them! There were other bits and pieces, etc. Christine had talked to the gal at Fisher House, and went ahead and made arrangements to check out. The gal said that as long as she cleared out of the room, so they could clean and get it ready for the next person, she could leave her kitchen things there, and not actually turn in her key and totally check out till we knew. So, that worked out really well. We got to pack Mitch up at about 3.30 or so, and got her loaded into the car. I stayed with her while Brian and Christine got Christine's food supplies, and off we went! Stopped for some errands on the way home and here we are! Mitch slept the whole way home, and is still asleep. She is a good and easy baby, Christine was able to take her out of the car seat and get her put into the bassinet and she didn't wake up or fuss. How lucky is she????

As you might guess, we are all thrilled to death to have her home, and I'm thrilled that she will be here for me to see so much more of before I have to leave. I know it will be that much harder to leave at the airport now, but it is well worth it to have her home and know that she isn't sick and wasn't sick, either.

I guess I forgot to say more about that part, they figure there was just a fluke of some kind that the encephalitis test came out positive the first time. She really is fine, isn't sick at all, and is nice and healthy. I don't imagine it hurts her a bit that she had all those meds. The constant care and attention didn't hurt either!

Well, I am going to go, things to do, baby to visit with, hold, spoil (except you can't spoil a baby, especially not one this young!!!!), etc! Take care and thanks to you all for prayers, etc. I am sure they all helped! Even if in only getting the viral doc to keep questioning those results! I imagine we will get less sleep tonight than we have been, but it will be well worth it!


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